California Chiropractic Exposition and Convention

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I’m heading off to Reno Nevada for the 2010 CCA Annual Chiropractic Convention at the Grand Sierra Resort and Casino. I’m excited about the many hours of chiropractic continuing education being offered, and I’m even more excited that those hours are free for existing CCA members. I’ve already been to half a dozen chiropractic conferences or seminars since the beginning of January this year, but I often find myself strolling around with a camera taking photos (like DCS Orange County photos), and chatting it up with other chiropractors. Sometimes you have to sit in the classroom and get things done.

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I’ll still be out and about with camera and digital recorder, but only during times I’m not getting hours for my own license renewal. The diversified adjusting classes look real promising, hoping they cover some good chiropractic adjustment technique. Bring your business cards, as I plan to do a few chiropractor business card posts when I return from Nevada. It’s a nice way to get some free chiropractic marketing for your practice, but if you don’t have your business cards handy, it is going to be more difficult to include you.

We’ve had a flood of e-mails already this morning on yesterday’s post regarding automating chiropractor listings. All the chiropractors that have e-mailed with updated office information, staff is adding it to the database, but don’t expect an e-mail reply (they may not respond to everyone). Instead I suggest you check your city and or state listing to see that information is accurate and up-to-date. If you are sending information this week, allow about 30 days before it appears online.

We’ll be doing some user testing (I’m bringing a laptop) with random chiropractors while at the event this weekend, to see how well they handle the chiropractor admin interface. What I didn’t mention in the news article yesterday was that chiropractors will be able to (unless it becomes a major headache) modify their own address and phone number information after creating a user account. About freaking time. All righty then, if you’re in Reno for the weekend festivities, be sure to say hello.

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