Chiropractor 15683

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Tips on finding local chiropractors that meet the qualities being sought by prospective patients.

There were two notes on my desk with zip codes for chiropractors being sought in different parts the United States. One note read: Doris 92078 San Marcus and the other simply said Chiropractor 15683.


It’s easy to think that it would be no problem finding a chiropractor in the 15683 postal code area. Performing a search for the postal code only, I see that it’s the area of Scottdale, Pennsylvania.

Sometimes I’ll do a search for Scottdale chiropractors or Scottdale chiropractic to see if any familiar names appear. I’m more likely to refer someone to a chiropractor I’ve previously been adjusted by, someone that’s already had me visiting their office ( I’ve been inside hundreds of chiropractic offices across the US), someone I know from chiropractic conferences, or someone I know that has a good reputation amongst others in the chiropractic industry.

It’s not necessarily the things a consumer would be seeking, but those are just my standards. If I can’t locate a chiropractor in that area, I almost always rely on the following technique ( which gets really good results).

Contact other chiropractors in the city, state, or region. In this example, I’ll check out Chiropractors Pennsylvania to get a list of chiropractors I know and trust. Sometimes I’ll e-mail or call a few chiropractors on the list, asking them if they know who’s a good chiropractor in the area that I’m seeking information on.

Often times I find myself passing that information on to people that have been contacting me. I get calls and e-mails on a regular basis from people all across the United States (and other parts of the world) seeking chiropractic care. Not all are seeking Get adjusted on a regular basis for the rest of my life and I’d like to bring my family care so I often try to get some more information before making a referral.

Some chiropractors I found have awesome skills when it comes to making referrals to others, other chiropractors (and they may be even good practitioners) have crappy skills when it comes to making referrals, I usually take them off my contact lists.

The 92078 is for a chiropractor in San Marcos. Whoever wrote me the note put San Marcus so I am glad they included a zip code.

I’m sure we will locate qualified practitioners in both of these areas, but I’ve got to organize my checklist for future references.