7 Different Chiropractic Adjustment Methods

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

It’s often been said that there are as many different chiropractic techniques in the world as there are chiropractors. While some will claim to adhere to specific adjusting styles and protocols, the great majority of practicing DC’s adapt and modify various approaches towards optimizing one’s health, resulting in a uniqueness that sets every chiropractor apart from one another.

prone chiropractic adjusting - positioned facedown(photo: female lying face down in a prone position on a chiropractic adjusting table equipped with a cervical drop head piece)

We’ll get to techniques such as Gonstead, Palmer upper cervical specific, NUCCA, Grostic, Activator, and others on some other date. This is a weekend edition and todays about spreading the good news of multiple different schools of thought on chiropractic care.

1) The MindSpine Adjustment — According to Dr. Sid Mouk, correction of a spinal subluxation removes interference from the patient’s nervous system thus allowing Innate Intelligence to do what it does best, which is healing the physical body (assisting the power that made the body to heal the body).

2) The Attitude Adjustment — A super chiropractic assistant in Canada reminds us that some people may start off as real a-holes when they first begin chiropractic care, but they seldomly stay that way.

3) The Focused Adjustment — Thinking about your car payment, your next round of golf, or what time your lunch break is, is no mindset for the focused chiropractor. In the article, Dr. Mouk mentions that the energy of our thoughts is powerful and everlasting. He talks about Dr. Clarence Gonstead and becoming one with the bone, visualizing the correction of subluxation as a chiropractor adjusts their patient. It behooves us to learn to use our minds in ways that are for our benefit and for the benefit of our patients.

4) Seeing the Adjustment — Dr. Mark Schulman does what all continually improving chiropractors do, he sees his adjustments. He is constantly defining and redefining his adjustments, so they can become as near to perfect as possible. He knows that the right adjustment, given that the right time and place, can bring change to a person. Dr. Mark reminds us that adjustments from the heart are those that a patient deeply seeks.

5) The Hugging Adjustment (or the after adjustment hug) — Chiropractor Stew Bittman, in South Lake Tahoe California, developed his wonderful habit of basically hugging every person that he adjusts. To him, he reports that it seems as natural as a flowing river; adjustment and hug, adjustment and hug.

6) The Unconditional Adjustment — Another chiropractic assistant brings up the reality that sometimes people come to a chiropractic office for one or two visits, never to show up again. She makes the great analogy that providing one with a chiropractic adjustment is like getting someone an awesome Christmas gift. Not being happy if they don’t return, is like getting mad at them when you find out they didn’t use the gift as often as you had wished. She reminds us that though a chiropractic adjustment may never get the recognition it deserves, it will still have served the person receiving it.

7) Career Saving Adjustment — And while one may never know the magnitude that one chiropractic adjustment will have on someone’s life, a career saving adjustment may be enough of a motivation to continue moving forward, unconditionally and without hesitation. It was January 2003 when NHL record holder, Andy Van Hellemond was featured in the Washington Post. According to the news article, a chiropractic adjustment had saved the NHL hockey Hall of Famers career.

I’ll get more coverage on full spine chiropractors, upper cervical chiropractors, instrumentation based chiropractors, knee-chest adjustment chiropractors and pediatric chiropractors. I hadn’t mentioned the amazing adjustment or the Chrane Condyle upper cervical lift technique, which was developed by a chiropractor in the 1920s, you can check out those links if interested.

The Atlas Orthogonal upper cervical chiropractic technique was featured in a recent television broadcast involving a testimonial from Montel Williams in where he talked about a significant improvement he had experienced in his overall health, after receiving that specific method of chiropractic care.

Love your spine and make an appointment with your local chiropractor. Don’t forget to bring a family member or friend. It’s a great way to get your chiropractor smiling, while showing those you care about, a chiropractic way of life.

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