The Focused Adjustment

By Sid Mouk, D.C.

Are Our Healing Energies Focused Or Scattered?
Modern-day physicists, in studying the atom, have continually broken it down into smaller particles until something magical happened. As they got into the smaller and smaller particles of matter, the “matter” at the smallest level was no longer matter at all, but instead, it was found to be pure “energy.” This means that every particle of “matter” (and that means everything on this planet) begins as “energy.” And, since every thought in the human mind is also pure energy, it is capable of creating the essence of that thought in our environment. Therefore, in relating this to health, all new healthy tissue in the human body starts as pure energy.

This explains how and why we are all creators of our own environment and of the environment of the entire Earth (and, perhaps, why Jesus told us “What I have done you also can do, and even more”). So every thought we have is made up of pure energy and is, therefore, creative… it’s the “beginning” of everything in our lives and in the lives of those around us, too (our patients, for example). For many years, psychologists and self-improvement authors have been telling us that by writing our goals on paper and reading them 3 times a day we can have whatever we want in our lives. Many of those who have used this method of manifestation can attest to the fact that, when done consistently, it works exceedingly well in “mysteriously” providing us with what we want. It’s simply a way of focusing our energy to produce a change in matter.

The energy of our thoughts is powerful and everlasting… so it behooves us to learn to use our minds in ways that are for our benefit and for the benefit of our patients. We can also bring into existence those things, people, and happenings that we don’t want in our lives unless we discipline our mind (and we’ve all experienced this at one time or another). Richard Bandler, co-developer of Neuro linguistic Programming, said it well, “It’s your mind. Make it do what you want it to.”

Dr. Jim Parker often spoke of a specific way to use our focused energy in healing. He taught us that we must “be there in the moment” when adjusting the patient… he called it “Present Time Consciousness.” In other words, focusing all of our attention and energy on the Healing task at hand in that moment. Visualizing in our mind the perfection that we desire to see in our patient also powerfully enhances the adjustment. We should visualize the total expression of the Innate in the patient’s body… seeing them in our mind’s eye as healthy, happy, active, and full of energy and life.

Dr. Clarence Gonstead spoke of “becoming one with the bone” and visualizing the correction of the subluxation as we adjust the patient. Thus we ourselves, using our mind, are capable of “creating” a subluxation-free spine in the patient (combining this with the physical correction of the spinal subluxation almost guarantees health for our patients).

“New Age” thinking tells us that all matter has consciousness and thus can be “contacted” by our mind and directed to do whatever we want it to do. This, of course, includes the spinal vertebrae and the bones of the pelvis & the cranium. Keeping the image of the vertebra strongly in our mind while we adjust the patient (being “one with the bone”) and seeing it move back into position as we adjust it, adds a powerful and scientifically defensible “extra” to the correction of the patient’s spine and to the total healing of the patient’s body, mind, and spirit. This kind of “total healing” doesn’t just fix spines, it changes lives. This is Healing Consciousness on the highest level… as used by all the true healers in every culture in Earth’s history. Healing is healing, no matter who does it or where they happen to live… whether their educated mind is full of Phds or totally bereft of any formal education.

In this new millennium, it’s vital for us in Chiropractic to become Healers and not just doctors. The sick people of this planet are fed up with “doctors” who can give a name to a dis-ease, but don’t have the slightest clue as to how to fix it. Instead of being just a doctor/chiropractor, let’s all learn to focus our energy and become a Healer/Chiropractor.

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