My Fellow Lovers of Chiropractic

By Stew Bittman, D.C.

From my vantage as a practicing chiropractor, I sometimes look upon the turmoil and in fighting within our profession with deep sadness. The world continually screams for our principle and our art, and millions of people are literally dying for what we have in our hearts and our hands. Yet for the most part we withhold our precious gift, and go on squabbling over techniques, procedures, politics, and other relatively meaningless frivolities.

We go on lurking in the shadows, choked with fears and doubts, endlessly trying to bury those fears and doubts with more science, more therapies, more education, more technology, more medical methods, and more money. More outside-in crapola. In a world desperate for ease and harmony, eternally looking outside for the answers, we hold a magnificent key, a divine vehicle, and it lies dormant, rusting, decaying, atrophying, and gasping for life.

I’m writing this with no agendas other than the promulgation of our place as standard bearers of a world-changing principle and paradigm. There is immense beauty and power in what we do. If you have ever been witness to someone’s heart opened, someone’s dream fulfilled, or someone’s life changed as a result of a chiropractic adjustment, please read on. If you resonate with the idea that helping to restore the connection between one’s heart and one’s head, between one’s Innate and one’s Twinkies, between one’s Spirit and one’s flesh is the primordial answer to the world’s ills, then I urge you to step fully into your power, right now.

Mahatma Gandhi urged us to become the change we wish to see in the world. It is time for us to be the change, to be love, to be ease, to be health, to be peace, to be balance, to be commitment, to be chiroprac-tic. It is time for us to overcome our fears. It is time for us to become so finely tuned that our mere presence empowers others to do the work for themselves. It is time for us to lend our unconditional support to each other as we all serve God in this mission together.

Chiropractic works from the inside out, and it will be saved, it will grow stronger, and it will assume its rightful place from the inside out as well. I don’t believe we can wait for our leaders or for the media or for the insurance companies or for anyone on the outside to do it. And it may not be easy, but it’s infinitely simple. We need only remember who and what we are. We need only align with the incomprehensible and interconnected perfection that already exists. We need only awaken from our worldly trances that keep us separate and fearful and small and self-pitying. We need only grab our illusions of lack and limitation and powerlessness by the scruffs of their necks and shake them until we see their unreality. We need only look within and allow our Innates to run the show. We need only do the work necessary to regain what we knew when we were children.

Every child’s life is an epic. Our lives are still epics; we just forgot. As we do the work on ourselves, we become as far removed from our trances as if we had guzzled a venti coffee of the day from Starbucks. And as we all become maximum expressions of that unlimited Power that flows in, around, and thru us, we will rise up and belt out our unique songs of truth, and reflect the light of that truth into the vast reaches of Creation. Will you join me? @ 4:18 pm | Article ID: 1005783511