The Gorman Coaching Program

By Sharon Gorman, DC

Remember me? I know, it’s been a while — I’ve been going through so many personal changes and I’ve been wanting to start writing to you again so here I am. The last time I wrote Monday Morning Messages consistently I was going through a rapid growth period of my life and now I am at the beginning of a new journey.

So let me fill you in a little for those of you that I haven’t touched base with in a while. At the end of last July Ron (my husband of 20 years) and I decided to re-locate to Georgia to be closer to Life University and Atlanta. Over Thanksgiving we actually moved. I continue to run my practice in the Pocono’s with the help of two phenomenal associates. I have been back to PA 11 times since Thanksgiving and I will be going there next week. I love my practice in PA but as a family we were ready for a move and a new start! My oldest daughter will start her undergrad studies at Life U. in the fall. Now that I feel my practice is solid in PA I am trying to decide what is next for me.

Chiropractors Riekeman Gorman KatzenChiropractors Guy Riekeman, Sharon Gorman, and Stuart Katzen at Life University in Marietta Georgia
For those of you who aren’t familiar with me I have to let you know that I know about practicing. I have been practicing for almost 26 years in the Pocono’s. Most of those years I ran 2 or 3 offices at a time. I have had almost 50 associates work for me over that period of time. I have personally built 3 of my practices to the point that they were seeing between 550 and 600 patients a week. That’s why I qualify to help you create the practice of your dreams!!


I had a program going from 2001-2003 and even though I loved doing this kind of work I found it very difficult to balance it all, at the time and I had 3 practices and I was the mom of a 9 year old, a 8 year old and 5 year old twins. NOW things are different. I am the mom of four teenagers. I have one awesome practice in PA with two GREAT associates running it and I am READY… For you?

The Coaching Program
All clients are coached directly by ME! So here is what you will get:
1 hour initial conversation of the Practice Evaluation you fill out. You will hang up from that call with concrete action steps to be taken IMMEDIATELY!
Weekly Video Conference Call with all of my clients – 1 of those calls will include your whole staff!

Weekly one on one calls which will cover:
A monthly practice evaluation of stats and goal setting conversation
A monthly public relations planning session
Discussion of your practice issues and suggestions coming from my years of experience and discovering what you really want for you

Action steps — I am all about action and you getting what you want from your practice and your life! I am looking for people who are ready to grow – let’s not waste each others time – LET’S WIN!

I only win if you win! You don’t have to feel like you are out there all alone anymore – be accountable – forward the action – this is the support that you have been looking for. Call me and I’ll send you a Practice Evaluation form, fill it out and we can have a complimentary conversation to see if we think that working together will benefit us.

My motto in practice is the same as in my Coaching Program – my goal is to exceed your expectations!

Since I have committed myself to talking to each client personally I will have to limit the numbers of clients I am committing to – If this sounds like it’s for you I urge you to take action – I look forward to serving you!!

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