Kellee Chee Khiong Financial Officer at Malaysia RHB Bank

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Been a while since we’ve had a classified advertising scam update. Thankfully, the community has really gotten awesome in spotting fraud and has been seriously kicking butt on emailing updates likety split. Not long ago a chiropractor received an email from someone claiming to be a financial officer at a bank in Lumpur. Looked and smelled like a scam and the IP address used was from an AT&T account in the USA. Great job by the chiropractor for spotting and forwarding it on to me.

IP Location

I like when I get informed with info like this since we take the time to post it online and get the name and IP address showing up in search. Many times now I’ve had emails from others saying they see these same activities going on elsewhere. Great to keep track of the names and IP addresses so they can be reported to internet and email providers.

This particular case involved the responding to an ad placed for chiropractic equipment. The reply read…

Ad Number: 27454
Sender IP:

My name is Kellee Chee Khiong, the financial officer at Malaysia RHB Bank Berhad in Lumpur, and I am getting in touch with you regarding a business deal worth $US37 Million in my control which will be executed under a legitimate arrangement. I am contacting you independently and will intimate you more about myself and details of the project if and when I receive your response. Kindly get back to me via my private email if you are interested in partnership with me on this project. Contact me via my private email.

Kellee Chee Khiong
[email protected]


Wow, 37 million dollars, I’m surprised the chiropractor didn’t first try and secure a deal. Haha. OK, we’ve seen this and other types of email and contact form scam/spam hundreds of times so it’s nothing new. The only reason we still post the info is so that the address and IP data gets made public. You never know when someone is going to not be so sure it’s a scam (it happens) and just to be safe, performs a search of the senders email address and/or name. It’s not yellow pages type dishonesty, but it’s still important to get the word out.

5 thoughts on “Kellee Chee Khiong Financial Officer at Malaysia RHB Bank”

    1. I bet every chiropractor in America (and many other business owners) get those phony yellow pages renewal mailings. It’s never a real yellow pages company, just some scammy directory somewhere trying to make a buck off of unsuspecting business owners.

  1. I get these in my e-mail box all the time. I deleted 8 just today. Some are well written, some use horrible English and some are mocked up to mimic banks I don’t bank at stating “your account has been suspended, go here to update your account….oh and be sure to enter your SS# and banking account number” LOL

    But thanks for the post, it’s good for a chuckle.

  2. I got scammed for a camera lens on craigslist last year, after that I was reminded that people still fall for scams and fraud, sucks but it’s a reality.

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