Classifieds Maintenance Until Thursday Oct 4

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Below is an old post (from 2009). It’s just a place setting as we are working on some classified database speed issues.

This may take a few days (or more). We will be back!

I was just about ready to finish my two months blogging vacation when some schmo replies to a posted classified ad with fraudulent looking questions. Hmpff!

Fortunately, the chiropractor receiving the email was quick to stop the attempt of separating him from his xray item and he (the chiropractor) emailed me.

Here we go, another scam artist to add to the list (especially for those of you webmasters maintaining classified ad websites), this time the name is Cesar Diego.

Hello seller, how are you doing today? Got hold of your ad about selling your item and i am highly interested in purchasing it and will like you to get back at me with answers to this few questions;
Whats its current condition?

Whats your final asking price?

What are your preferred modes of payments?

Will be expecting your response in due time, have a blessed day.THANKS

Cesar Diego
[email protected]

Better writing skills than Helene Dido and many others, but still spammy scam send a check or money order scam nonetheless.