2010 Have A Heart Chiropractic Campaign Announced

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Oklahoma City, OK — “Oklahaven” Children’s Chiropractic Center is excited to announce the annual “Have-A-Heart” campaign. This worldwide event will be held during Valentine’s week, February 8th – 14th, 2010. The purpose of this event is to increase the awareness of the healing power of chiropractic for the very sick children and to benefit “Oklahaven”.

“It is through the amazing generosity and support of people all around the world that allows us the opportunity to help children with their journey back to optimal health. I am extremely hopeful that our expanded campaign efforts to businesses in your community this upcoming year will not only increase the awareness of our mission, but allow us to provide more children with the chiropractic care they so desperately need,” says Dr. James O’Dwyer, Director of “Oklahaven” Children’s Chiropractic Center.

Oklahaven Children's Chiropractic Center
The prestigious award, “The Golden Heart” – the giver of life, is given to the college and whoever sells the most hearts. Past winner, Dr. Howard Berg, said, “It allows the community to see that you do contribute to something greater and that chiropractic makes a difference in children’s lives. That’s huge.”

To learn more about “Oklahaven”, sign up for the 2010 Have-A-Heart campaign, or to make a donation please visit www.chiropractic4kids.com.

Founded in 1962, “Oklahaven” Children’s Chiropractic Center is a 501(c)3 charitable institution dedicated to making sick children well through a natural, medication-free chiropractic lifestyle. The Center specializes in the treatment of neurologically disorganized children, including failure to thrive, cerebral palsy, developmental delays, ADHD, and the autism spectrum. Children throughout the world come to “Oklahaven” to seek chiropractic care. The Center continues its work through the generosity of individuals without federal, state or United Way funding.

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