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By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Marietta, GA – Life University is making history in Chiropractic and on the Web. Once again showing who is the leading school in chiropractic when it comes to innovation, use of technology, and social media, we witnessed today that… NOTHING IS BIGGER THAN LIFE.

Using the Twitter microbloggging service, Doctors of Chiropractic, Life Faculty, and chiropractic students are twittering away, live from a conference on Vitalism, connecting all in the world that want to receive their message.

Chiropractors not on board for today’s event, whether live at the Integrative Healthcare conference in Atlanta, or via online messaging, are missing out on a historical Web 2.0 Event.

Rather than get into the details of microblogging, messaging services, hashtags, and the like, I’ve captured tweets from the event and will share them here. These are not my words, they are brought to us by those in attendance, in 140 characters or less per “tweet.” There’s quite a few chiropractors, chiropractic students, faculty, and leadership in chiropractic participating, but I wanted to highlight some of the faces (via their avatars) consistently appearing on my screen.

Life 2.0 Makes Web History
Life 2.0 Making Web History
Chiropractic Student at Life University Matthew Lapp (far left in photo) brings us this sampling from the event…

well-regulated endocrine, ageless neurological, abundant energy, access to understanding-Pizzorno

Foundations of health:optimal nutrition/digestion, toxin avoidance/detox, strong immune system, balanced inflammatory process,

interactions of the body,mind,spirit fxn w/in the matrix of very complex equations that govern the optimal practice of naturo.

Vis=healing power of nature, a foundational equation of nature – Pizzorno

We must utilize emergent science to answer the ?s that are not answerable by old constructs.

Fisher-why bother recreate vitalism:chronic disease pandemic, individualized medicine, no such theoretical framework yet exists

Philosophy of Ayurveda: trinity of life-mind, spirit, body

Acute medical intervention: block pathogen or effector system Homeopathy: stimulate system to resist pathogenic influence

What if we could stimulate the system to adapt and resist to “pathogenic” influences beforehand?

The essence of Love, Laughter and Self Expression, TatumDC (middle left in photo), brings us these tweets from the Life University conference…

Emergent Property= property of whole system which cannot be predicted from properties of its parts. Fisher

Yogi/Zen masters have advanced consciousness…with that comes stronger and more frequent alpha waves (relaxation) Pizzorno

Yoga: Expansion of mind, control of organ and senses, awareness, and posture

Ras (Taste)- evaluation for herbs. Sweet, Sour, Salty, Bitter, Pungent, Astringent. Too much of one = bad. Aka sweet=obese

Gandha (Smell)- Aroma, Incense, Attar, Flowers/rose water.

Prashna (Sound)- Music, Mantras (vibrational), Chanting, Japa “Ommmmmmmmmm”

“When we are aligned in the same frequency, you will feel the vibration”

Coordinator of Principles of Practice and Business Management at Life University, Brian Flannery, DC (middle right in photo), brings us more from the conference…

Fisher says 2 levels of vital forces: animating principle and a healing force …interesting conceptsv#vitalhealth

the healing power of nature exists as an external law of nature…doesn’t matter what forces change inside of it, it just is..#vitalhealth

when people say they don’t believe in Chiropractic…answer back, that’s ok, you don’t have to believe, it works anyway…

Pizzorno says maybe ATP is the yardstick for vital force…reductionistic? yes, but interesting nonetheless

wonder what effect regular Chiropractic care has on mitochondria and ATP production?

as we harmonize with the vis, our consciousness expands pizzorno great stuff at Life!!

in TCM, Qi protects, transforms, holds, connects, warms the body according to Morris

I = mind, body and spirit

Beautiful explanation of religion vs spirituality by Guha.

Chris James (far right in photo), Aligning on Twitter, bring us even more…

“We’ve got to end the turf battles. If holistic practitioners can’t work together, who can?” Dr. Roberts

“Many docs are open to holistic medicine: ‘Glad you’re talking about this. I just don’t have time to do it.'” -M Roberts

“Everyone holds a piece of this puzzle: allopathic, chiropractic, naturopathic, aryuvedic, homeopathic.” -M Roberts

“Hard to bring vitalism into allopathic medicine. Vitalism is not openly accepted by many medical doctors.” -M Roberts

“Placebo effect: the untrained mind gets around 30% effect. What if we trained them?” -M Roberts, Life U Vit conf

“If docs don’t have time to spend time with patients, they don’t have time to research their conditions.” -M Roberts

“If you want a job doing assembly line medicine, you can find one everywhere these days.” -M. Roberts, Vit conf

“The definition of allopathic is finding the answers outside yourself. Thus, the answers do not stick.” -Molly Roberts

“Vitalism is an open question. And it’s OK that it is an open question.” -Molly Roberts, Life U vitalism conf

Reading through the above quotes and streams of information presented you may get lost, confused, and wonder what it’s all about. It’s far more difficult putting what’s going on in realtime into a static post than to be there and experience it live. I’ll share this… Everything you’ve read here was put together while I’m on lunch break from seeing patients in Los Angeles, and groups of chiropractors and students are collectively delivering information online (in 140 character blocks) for me (and anyone else that taps in) to get a connection into what they are currently experiencing live in Atlanta.

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