The Healer/Chiropractor and the “MindSpine” Adjustment

By Sid Mouk, D.C.

Correction of a spinal subluxation removes interference from the patient’s nervous system thus allowing Innate Intelligence to do what it does best… healing the physical body (assisting the power that made the body to heal the body). This is enormously powerful for facilitating Healing and it can be enhanced even more.

Christ often spoke to the sick people who came to him about the vital importance of their faith… faith that they would be healed. Native American shaman and medicine men often did (and still do) their healing in a way that involves a great deal of ritualistic activities which are designed to prepare the patient for healing and to give them faith that they are going to be healed. The power of the human minds (“Educated” and “Innate”) is such that the very moment when faith replaces doubt, interference with the flow of the divine loving/healing energies is totally removed and the “transformation to wholeness” begins at once in the physical body, regardless of how severe the dis-ease condition might be.

The basic premise of Chiropractic is that interference is the total cause of dis-ease. However, this interference can take place on more than the level of the spinal subluxation. Dr. B. J. Palmer spoke of the “subluxation above the atlas” as being a major part of this interference. Dr. Jim Parker called interference on the level of the mind “Quality Interference” and he considered it the most important dis-ease producing form of interference. He felt it was essential to clear this in order to assure that the patient gets well, and much of what he taught was geared to do this. The subluxation of the spine and the subluxation of the mind can, and must, both be addressed and cleared in order to provide optimum healing for the patient.

Based upon 50+ years of very pragmatic study and practice, not only in the field of Chiropractic but also in the universal field of Healing, Dr. Jim taught us that “You have to adjust the patient’s mind before you adjust the patient’s spine” and the ultimate end result of this combination is always HEALING! The ancient healing art of spinal adjustment that we now call Chiropractic should always include the adjustment of the patient’s mind to help them to open themselves to the flow of the divine loving/healing energies… thus, the name “MindSpine” adjustment. Healing involves not only delivering a specific master spinal adjustment in the right place at the right time given with LOVE, but also a Healing of the patient’s entire being, including any non-resourceful mental/emotional patterns. Then, and only then, can miracles take place in the lives of our patients and in our practice.

A perfect example of this was recently seen down in Panama where a group of Chiropractic heroes from the U.S. showed us all the true meaning of agape love. They took time from their lives and practices, traveled thousands of miles to a country in Central America where the people are desperately in need of Chiropractic Healing, and demonstrated the Christ spirit for us all. Information was sent out in various ways throughout the population (including an excellent Chiropractic orientation in spanish by one of the DCs) and patients traveled hundreds of miles, often on foot, to be helped by these wonderful visiting healers. When the healers arrived, the patients were ready to be healed. They filled school gymnasiums and stood and applauded when the doctors entered the adjusting area, “the subluxation above the atlas” was already corrected even before the spinal adjustment was given, and HEALING took place in the lives of thousands of sick people.

When this begins to happen universally throughout the field of Chiropractic (it can, and I truly feel it will), this profession will rapidly ascend to its rightful place as the leader of the worldwide healing community and we’ll literally have to lock our office doors to keep the patients out. Sick people will travel any distance and pay any fee to seek us out wherever we are.

Everyone on this planet will want what Chiropractic has to offer.

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Sid L. Mouk, DC practices in Baton Rouge, LA
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