Raise Those Red Flags High

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

If you have been visiting Planet Chiropractic for the past year or more it is likely that you’ve seen links to articles featuring the writings of Nicholas Regush. I have loved the style of the articles he has written for ABCNews.com and now it looks as though he has something even better… his own website titled redflagsweekly.com

The first red flag to some would be that the website features a philosophy. According to the site, “The mission of redflagsweekly.com is to probe medical, scientific, environmental, artistic and political issues in a manner that one rarely encounters in mainstream news reports.” And that’s just the first paragraph.

The content of the website is fantastic. Nicholas and other authors have done a great job of covering nearly every sacred topic using a very novel approach, honesty and straightforwardness. Take a look at the following excerpts from a few articles for an example.

From the article, Holistic Health: Toward A More Dynamic Vision Of The Body Nicholas writes… Medicine, as we generally know it, is much like an auto mechanics shop. Rather than see the body in terms of a dynamic interactive system, medicine has become so specialized that it offers little understanding of the extraordinary dynamic interchange that goes on in the body and how the body interacts with the world around it.

From the article, The Death Of Medicine Nicholas writes… No Cure, No Vaccine, No Treatment – There is no way to be nice about this. There is no point in raising false hopes. There is no treatment or vaccine in sight. There is no miracle breakthrough on the horizon. Medicine, as we know it, is dying. It is entering a terminal phase.

Just who is this guy? In the websites ‘about section’ we discover that, “Nicholas Regush, redflagsweekly.com’s editor-in-chief, is a journalist specializing in medical and scientific issues.

He is an award-winning investigative reporter who worked for the Montreal Gazette for twelve years, served as a consultant to the Center for Bioethics, affiliated with the University of Montreal, and worked free-lance as a medical analyst for CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) radio and a producer for CBC TV’s The Fifth Estate, a newsmagazine featuring investigative stories.

Nicholas Regush has also written several books and numerous magazine articles and produced features for ABC TV’s news magazines, Day One and Nightline. He has been producing medical features for six years for ABC’s World News Tonight with Peter Jennings and has written more than one hundred columns (“Second Opinion”) for abcnews.com.”

Check out the website, and get yourself signed up for the free weekly e-newsletter. Warning: make sure you set aside some time, I was reading articles for nearly 3 hours. Hey, where else are you going to read about neurologists and “mainstream medical quackery.”

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