Chiropractors CORE and FOCUS February and March

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Fresh off the thunderous DCS chiropractic event in Orange County this past weekend, is news of two grassroots chiropractor meet ups, one in California and the other in Pennsylvania. The California Chiropractors on the Road to Excellence (CORE) is hosting an event on February 24, and FOCUS Chiropractic Philosophy is hosting its winter weekend on March 12th.

Atlas Chiropractic Events

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Perhaps you attended the 2011 CalJam Orange County this past weekend, and have a desire to keep the chiropractic flame burning. More likely I’m preaching to the choir, and you are attending one of these two events, regardless of what you did over the weekend. The California event is coming up fast, in fact it’s taking place this week, here are the essential details…

Chiropractors on the Road to Excellence (CORE) – Pasadena presents Phil Yamamoto, DC, the founder of Principled Chiropractic Training. Dr. Phil’s topic is… How to have a thriving practice, with low stress, low overhead with fun and profitability. The event is free and it includes food and beverages. Attending California Chiropractors are expected to RSVP by contacting Dr. Dennis Buckley at 626-991-8877.

The event takes place this Thursday (2/24)at 7pm
Location: Health Advantage Health & Wellness Center
1450 N. Lake Ave., Pasadena, CA 91104 (626) 798-7805

The CORE Thursday night event is Co-Sponsored by Glazer/Kennedy Insider Circle & Marketing Strategist Craig Valine

For those of you that want to hit up the Poconos in Pennsylvania for a March weekend chiropractic philosophy powwow, grab the details here on Sharon Gorman’s one and only Focus Chiropractic Winter Event.

Focus at the Great Wolf Lodge in the Poconos is taking place on Saturday, March 12, beginning at 3pm and going until 11pm. There will be a dinner break from 6pm to 8pm, but you’ll be hanging out with chiropractors the entire time, so prepare for a dipping in that philosophical juice of chiropractic wonderment. The fantastic FOCUS lineup of speakers includes… Liam Schubel, Jay Handt, Morgan Handt, Ernie Landi, John Balsamo, Gary Stewart, Kim Stetzel, Adam Nogrady, Carl Shulze, Ron Sinagra, Leo Beloyianis, Dean Sottile and Sharon Gorman.

No pre-registration will be offered. The suggested fee is $49 for each doctor or $99 for your entire family and/or staff. That’s an amazing price, it makes me want to jump on a plane at LAX and head to Pennsylvania for the weekend. I have done it before, Focus Chiropractic events rock the socks off.

An optional buffet dinner will be offered at the hotel for $25. Great Wolf Lodge is a huge indoor/outdoor water park. They are offering discount water park tickets for $30, so you can enjoy a family day if you choose. The hotel also has a huge arcade for kids to play in. We don’t have a room block or discount rates (rooms start at $289.95) with Great Wolf. If you’re not planning to stay at the resort hotel, recommended alternate lodging can be had at the Howard Johnson’s Bartonsville, PA (570)424-6100. Rooms there are around $139 per night. Questions about Focus? Call Sharon Gorman at 570-350-4091.

Great Wolf Lodge – 1 Great Wolf Drive
Scotrun, PA 18355 (570)688-9899

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