Amazing Adjustments & PBS on Chiropractic

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

“Waking Up the Brain: Amazing Adjustments,” is the title of a program currently being broadcast on PBS public television that features chiropractic and chiropractic neurologist Dr. Ted Carrick.

“For just about one hundred years, chiropractors have been studying the relationship between a healthy spine and a healthy body and spirit.” That, from the opening of the broadcast. The program opens with the story of a woman, who suffered from extreme vertigo for nearly thirty years. “A condition that severely restricted her life…” And like so many millions that have found themselves in chiropractic offices, “after years of searching for a cure through conventional medicine, she found relief in the last place she expected to…”

“I’ve probably been to 500 hospitals, and most of them on an emergency basis.” – Mariangela Pino, who suffered from a feeling of constant motion or vertigo that made normal life extremely difficult.

In the broadcast, Dr. Ted Carrick is interviewed about the benefits of the chiropractic neurological approach to healing which doesn’t require surgery or drugs. Dr. Carrick is interviewed by Gail Harris and is asked about what conditions respond to chiropractic care. Conditions are discussed such as loss of hearing, loss of sight, chronic arthritis, and cancer.

In the interview Dr. Carrick is asked, “Is it a fairly common circumstance even now, that when a chiropractor does something that makes a difference, both he and his patient are amazed?”

Dr. Carrick responds by stating, “You know, when you first start to practice, it’s an amazing miracle. And the second patient is an amazing miracle. And it keeps going. But after a period of time, it’s clinical experience. You have a feeling the treatment is going to cause a drastic change in the patients. But the miracle never ever leaves us. So as a profession, the rewards of this type of practice are incredible. It’s miracles, every day, hundreds of times a day, in your office.”

“I think with all the miracles and the mysteries of the human nervous system, nothing surprises me anymore…” – Dr. Ted Carrick

Overall, the program is a positive testimonial to the benefits of chiropractic. To get more information visit the links below.

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