All Hell Breaks Loose On MMR Vaccine

Several weekend reports in UK publications questioning the MMR vaccine and its links to Autism are now circulating across the planet. One researcher stated that “all hell will break loose” when this latest MMR vaccine autism research is made public.

You may have seen it on 60 minutes, the question of MMR and possible links to autism has gained major media attention. While government health officials continue to state that the vaccine combination is absolutely safe, some scientists believe otherwise. Either way, parents want answers.

According to an article published in the Sunday issue of The Telegraph, a UK publication, Andrew Wakefield, the researcher seen on a recent 60 minutes, has now identified nearly 170 cases of a new syndrome of autism and bowel disease that is affecting children who had all received the MMR vaccine.

While the researcher has been continually attacked, he has continued on with his work. He, along with many others want to know the truth regarding the safety of MMR.

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