Planet Chiropractic Classified Ad System

During the past five years I cannot remember a day going by in which a chiropractor or chiropractic student has not e-mailed me. Amongst thousands of those e-mails have been requests for things such as:

“I am looking for a good chiropractor in Florida? Can you help me find one? “
“Do you know if anyone is selling a used subluxation station?”
“Do you know where I can find a Web designer for my chiropractic web site?”
“I recently wrote a chiropractic book and would like to know if I could sell it on your site?”
“Can we promote our chiropractic insurance on your web site?”

The list could go on and on. For years, I have spent a lot of time in an effort to get chiropractors connected with one another and for years I have wanted to offer you a way to interact with one another.

Thousands of chiropractors visit Planet Chiropractic everyday. Many often click on the “shop” button to see what kind of products Planet Chiropractic might have available. While lots of products have been sold during the past year, there really had only been a handful of products available. Add to that the thought that they may just not be what one is looking for at the current time.

Every Obstacle Presents Opportunity
I was in the process of building a very easy to use e-commerce system to include more of my products but the e-mails continued coming and so some changes were made. Now when you click on the “shop” button not only will Planet Chiropractic products be available, everybody’s chiropractic products can be so as well.

This was done in an effort to better serve you. Hopefully you’ll begin to take advantage of this system and rather than e-mail me, you will post your information to the classified ads page on Planet Chiropractic.

This is only the beginning, watch for lots of updates to the classified ad section to come during the next month. I’ll keep the motor running, you tell me where you want to go. Let’s grow this thing. @ 3:56 pm | Article ID: 980294180