Junk Science – Fraud & Ritalin

If you don’t already know, a class-action lawsuit was filed last week in California and New Jersey charging the makers of ritalin and the APA with conspiracy to create a market for ritalin by targeting millions of children and misdiagnosing them with ADD/ADHD.

Have the articles been on your local news and on major news channels? Are you aware that the attorneys that filed the suits are the same that went after the tobacco industry? Do you think maybe it’s time we get our children off of drugs so that they can actually have a chance to experience life?

From Insight Magazine comes yet another article related to this issue.

According to the article, drug makers will have to show scientific data to support the ADD/ADHD diagnosis which may be difficult since many physicians and scientists claim the ADD/ADHD diagnosis “is a fraud based on subjective assessments.”

Insight Magazine: Writing May Be on Wall for Ritalin

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