Parents Forced To Drug Children

From comes an article titled “Just say yes to Ritalin! Parents are being pressured by schools to medicate their kids — or else.”

According to the article, some public schools are saying that they “will not allow students to attend conventional classes unless they are medicated.” In some cases, parents that have chosen to take their kids off of the drugs, have faced the wrath of Child Protective Services and are being charged with neglect.

According to the article, it is estimated that millions of Americans are receiving pressure from school personnel to seek a “medical evaluation” for their child which is reportedly teacher-speak for “Get your kid on Ritalin.”

Do you want your kids on more drugs? Do you want them to experience life as some distorted – disconnected experience? Everyday that we medicate a child is a day we rob the world of their beauty. We are slowly stealing their lives before they have ever had a chance to express their creative capabilities.

This is an in depth article, check it out at Just say yes to Ritalin!

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