The Heart of Chiropractic

By Stew Bittman, D.C.

What we do in chiropractic is so magnificent, so big, so monumentally important. Why does my brain constantly do its best to minimize it? That, of course, is what it does when it’s not otherwise engaged in trying to complicate it, figure it out, personalize it, and bury it under the staggering weight of my own personal agendas and other sundry bullcrap. My brain whines and reels, seemingly blown in every direction by the paradoxes that it conjures up. It offers no solace, no instructions for reconciling the paradoxes, it just keeps adding to the list. If the list is ever completed at least I’ll have enough toilet paper to deal with all that stuff!

Will I ever be completely free of doubts? Will I ever stop fretting over who’s not there or what’s not there or what’s not what I think it should be? Will I ever really know the importance of what I do? Who knows? I suppose not. Yet every day I reach deep inside and glow and grow with the light that I find there within me. Every day I connect more and more to that light. Every day I remember more and more that the light is there, that it’s me, and that it’s the folk on the table, too. From that light, from that fundamental place within me, I can express certainty, faith, wisdom, and love, and raise my consciousness above the level of the paradoxes. From that light I can express who I am, and simply love and serve. If it’s part of the plan for me to have a positive impact on the world, that’s where it will come from.

We just got back from DE. All weekend I watched a similar process going on amongst the various speakers. At the beginning there was a palpable fear, a gloom of frustration and hopelessness and resignation and anger. Then Sid got up there and shocked everyone (well, me anyway) by barely mentioning his troubles and by basically delivering the goods, as he’s done for 35 years. It was amazing. And beautiful. No sour grapes, no resentments, no pity parties; just a reminder of the fundamental principles of loving and serving. The next evening, all the spirit of chiropractic and of DE came roaring back with Dick Santo’s talk. At the same time, a reminder of where the power of chiropractic truly lies came roaring back. And of where the power in me lies. It ain’t in my brain. That’s where the shit brigade hangs out. And there it lurks, shifts, hides in dark corners, rolls over, plays dead, and ultimately slobbers all over my dreams and intentions. If I allow it. DE reminded me that the shit brigade is not me. The power in chiropractic lies in its heart, as does my power. I am Innate. I am a child of God. I am love and service. Whatever I believe, conceive, and achieve are all simply branches I send out in love, nourished by the sunlight and rain of the Creator. My branches grow out and intermingle with all others’, and a tangle of love is created that encircles the planet. It’s a hell of a plan. And my part in it is perhaps infinitesimally small but also infinitely indispensable. Wow. Together, focusing on our hearts and on the heart of our magnificent profession, we can overcome any and all attempts at burying the truth. And we will indeed be set free. @ 3:24 pm | Article ID: 1028154269