Positive Emotions Associated With Touch

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Researchers have discovered that specific nerves in the body appear to communicate to the brain the positive emotions associated with touch. That, according to a study published in the upcoming September issue of Nature: Neuroscience.

An article related to the study appeared in yesterdays Reuters News. According to the article, researchers have discovered that specific nerves (C-fibers) may play a key role in communicating emotional information from the point of touch to the brain.

The nerve fibers reportedly send “emotional aspects of touch to the brain.” A brain scan along with functional MRI showed areas of a womans brain “processing emotional information” when researchers stroked her arm lightly using a paintbrush.

Can stroking someone lightly trigger the parts of the brain that are involved in processing emotional information? Researchers hope to gather more information on this subject and a test is being conducted among a group of patients with spinal cord injuries. One researcher believes these nerve fibers “communicate feelings of well-being.”

I believe SPEARS technique involved a light stroking of the spine from occiput to sacrum in hopes of communicating emotional information to the brain. If you have data on this, please send it our way.

Reuters:: Nerves Deliver Emotional Message of Touch
Nature-Neuroscience: Unmyelinated tactile afferents signal touch and project to insular cortex (registration required)

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