Trust the Journey

By Lynn Rivard, Principled CA

I have discovered something unusual in my time as a Principled CA. We all know the power of innate intelligence and we know that it is at work for us…always in our corner…always on our side….the compass giving us direction. We witness every day the power of innate working in our own lives and the lives of our Chiropractic family. Health is restored, happiness takes over, miracles take place…lives are saved. How great is that? It is why I feel so lucky to be a part of the world’s greatest profession. There is, however, one strange thing that I have noticed over the years that always leaves me perplexed. If we know and trust innate and we understand that what is meant to be is to be…then why are so many out there still hanging on to all of the “human” things like control? ego? power?

I was recently talking with someone whom wanted to come into our office…but first wanted to know if she was allowed to make her own health decisions. Imagine someone even using the word “allowed” when it comes to their own decisions? She did not want to be called over and over again if she mistakenly missed an appointment, she did not want to be pressured into a strict 3 month schedule of care regardless of her healing potential and she did not want it to be all about the money. She had obviously had a poor experience. While talking with her I felt grateful that innate was bringing her into our office, which is a healing place of unconditional love and respect and I also felt sad that she was associating that kind of negative energy with my life’s work – Chiropractic. I was so happy to get the chance to talk to her about what we are really all about and to get the focus off her past experience that was holding her back from trusting and being adjusted….and on to what great things are going to happen once she is adjusted again.

It reminded me of how lucky I am to be in an office where the goal for that day or week has nothing to do with “strict number driving office procedures” or “truant officer appointment keeping tactics.” It made me stop and give thanks to work in an office where I am not in control…and my DC is not in control…where INNATE is the big boss…the head honcho…the big taco…the grand pooba! Innate is the driving force behind what we do. We have vowed not to judge our success on the number of people we get to adjust but instead be grateful for the journey and for the fact that we are blessed to be a part of the miracle. I am not saying that it isn’t great for an office to have goals of how many life changing adjustments they want to give in a week, month or year. Goals can be fantastic and motivating. But the journey of getting to the top needs to be respected. We need to view the journey with a loving and gracious heart. Once we are there…at the top of the mountain… we will look back and remember the journey and what it felt like to grow. Being a CA on the journey is extra challenging if you work in an office where innate is in the back seat. I have seen many CA’s leave Chiropractic because of pressure…pressure of having to justify what the universe is doing that day, having to justify someone’s right to make their own health decisions or their right to utilize Chiropractic. If a CA is truly meant to be there and innate is in the driver’s seat…then we know and understand that what will be ….will be. That sometimes to wait and enjoy the journey…as things unfold as they are meant to…is the way to go. Trust that if your office is educating, loving, respecting, hoping and giving….then people will line up down the street to get their adjustments. It may not be today….or even tomorrow…but trust it will happen and it will….you may have to wait…and embrace the journey for awhile….but IT WILL HAPPEN! @ 8:27 am | Article ID: 1023204420