Chiropractic in Panama

By Kindra Osterhart, age 15

For a chiropractor to be, a chiropractic mission to the country of Panama is amazing. The experience of watching my mother and other chiropractor’s adjust, made me see the complete and whole truth of God working through the chiropractors.

The people of Panama are so accepting of chiropractic, that they run to the chairs for their adjustments. As I observed the people, I realized how much they love life and how intelligent they are. The children in Panama love to be adjusted. There was a young girl (named Jessica) with leg braces on her legs, after one adjustment the braces were taken off and she ran out of the building. That is definitely God working miracles. Some of the people have serious problems, but after their adjustments, they always left with a smile and a better attitude.

dorausch adjusting panama 2002

I feel that I’m so blessed to have had the experience of this mission. I know in my heart that I definitely want to be a chiropractor and help serve all of mankind. For me chiropractic is more than an adjustment, it is total health and complete connection with God. To be connected with God is the most important thing in the world. So let’s get connected, stay connected and serve God to the best of our ability! @ 7:35 am | Article ID: 1015860919