Too Many Useless Drugs

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

According to media reports, Doctors in Germany are prescribing far too many useless drugs. These medications which have “little or no therapeutic value” is wasting health insurance money that could be better spent.

When it comes to prescribing drugs, a health insurance group spokesperson stated, “Doctors should not listen only to the claims of the pharmaceutical industry.”

Germany is not alone. On the same day we see reports from Africa that more drugs are being prescribed than needed. This is truly a global epidemic.

According to the report on Africa’s over prescribing of drugs, the greatest concern was with the high number of patients unnecessarily dosed with antibiotics.

The Director General of Health Services apparently feels differently as he had this to say… “It would be better to over-prescribe than take the risk of under-prescribing and the patient dies.”

That is putting a lot of faith in the pill, powder or potion and not much faith in the power that animates this universe.

And just to throw in a twist, UK doctors announced in this weeks Lancet that if more drugs are to be prescribed by nurses, “the UK will be embarking on a dangerous uncontrolled experiment.”

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