Two Spines Must Be Corrected To Allow Total Healing In The Patient

By Sid Mouk, D.C.

“Tacking Against The Prevailing Winds Of Orthodoxy” in Chiropractic.

It was astonishing, and disappointing and fascinating at the same time. For the past 6 weeks I’d been adjusting a patient who had suffered a severe injury and I had finally succeeded in totally clearing his spine of subluxations and restoring motion and function, when I innocently asked him to tell me about the fall that caused this spinal problem. As he proceeded to describe the injury in detail, his spinal muscles began to tighten and I watched the same subluxation pattern strongly reassert itself… the same subluxations he had originally experienced as a result of the accident.

Dr. Greg Cheatwood once described his care of a patient who had been in an automobile accident. She was responding well to adjustments and almost clear of subluxations when, while driving home from his office, she heard the screech of brakes and the crunch of metal as an accident took place two blocks down the street. Instantly, every one of her symptoms re-occurred and it took Greg several weeks more to once again clear her spine.

What happened? Was D.D. Palmer right when he asserted that “auto suggestion” was one of the major causes of spinal subluxation? Is the mind so powerful that it can subluxate the spine and re-subluxate the spine and re-subluxate the spine over and over again? Was Dr. Jim Parker correct when he said that interference in the mind (“Quality Interference”) was the most important type of interference to the Healing power of Innate Intelligence… and that it must be cleared in order to get our patients well?

Since this happened, I’ve discovered that we all have two spines. One is the spine we DC’s adjust on a day-to-day basis which is controlled by our Educated Mind (the area of the mind that runs our physical body a part of the time each day). The other spine, and the more important of the two, is the spine that is controlled by the Innate Mind (which runs the physical body most of the time each day). If we don’t adjust and correct both spines, our patient will often experience a constant re-subluxation of their spine.

Adjust both of the patient’s spines and watch your results multiply many times over… and watch his/her spine begin to hold the adjustments much better. To do this simply adjust, balance, and correct the spine as you usually do with whatever Chiropractic technique works well for you. Then (using an automobile accident as an example) have the patient go back and re-experience the accident in their mind while they are still lying on the adjusting table. Ask them to vividly re-experience the accident in their mind just as if it was happening again at this moment. See the sights they saw at the time, hear the sounds they heard at the time, feel the feelings they felt at the time, smell the smells they smelled at the time, etc. (the more senses they can bring into the experience, the more effective this correction will be). You, too, may be astonished at what happens to their spine when they do this. Quite often you will once again see a subluxated spine where, just a moment before, it was totally clear of subluxations.

Many times the original adjustment of the “Educated Spine” will correct everything but, very often, you will now see a re-subluxated spine caused by the imaging of the accident in the patient’s mind… and this is why patients so often re-subluxate themselves and require adjustment over and over again. Every time something “triggers” the memory of the accident… or of the injury or of the emotional stress involved, etc… it will cause a re-subluxation of the spine (everything that happens in the MindBody affects the nervous system… for better or for worse… and, as a result, the spine).

Adjust and correct your patient’s “Educated Spine” then check and adjust the patient’s “Innate Spine”, if necessary, and you will find that the incredible results produced by spinal adjustments will become even more “incredibler” and “incredibler.” @ 7:09 am | Article ID: 1083852565