Why Chiropractic? by Dr. Howard Fleischer

Why Chiropractic? The answer may not be as simple as some of you think. Some of you may have begun care for one reason or another but anyone that has remained on has probably done it for the right reasons. Let’s start with the alternatives to Chiropractic. There is only one that I can think of – running around with a nervous system that is not functioning to it’s optimum capacity resulting in a body that simply will never live up to it’s full genetic potential. How could it? If every command or desire of your body’s Innate Intelligence is not being brought to fruition the body will be lacking – your state of health will be lacking! What is the alternative to taking care of your teeth – cavities and root canals? The alternative to eating well – heart disease, low energy and not being at your ideal weight. Alternative to exercise – osteoporosis, poor lung and heart function, etc. What is more important, your master controlling system or your teeth?

Chiropractic is many times referred to as alternative health care. That title has recently gone by the wayside quite frequently as the American public has now begun to get adjusted to the point that we are considered “mainstream” (I’ll come back to that later). You do have another choice – neglect your body long enough that you may start to have symptoms if you are lucky enough and you can be like the majority of Americans and pop pills. Two problems though – One: most pills, potions and the rest of that junk only cover up the symptoms, not fix the problem. Second: they all work against your body’s wishes and inborn intelligence (relieving pain that may be there as a warning signal or to prevent you from doing further injury, stopping a fever that may be trying to destroy foreign invading bacteria or viruses, drying up your nose and preventing you from expelling germs that need to come out, etc.) and they are dangerous. From the Journal of American Medical Ass. Itself – drug related deaths account for over 100,000 deaths per year in this country and are the 4th leading cause of death behind only heart disease, cancer and strokes. And only one tenth of those deaths are from illegal narcotics. The other 90% are from prescription and over the counter drugs. Even if they don’t cause death, do you think that even just a few will have no effect on you. Think again. If you gave half of the stuff that people regularly take to a healthy person – what would it do to them – it would probably make them sick. How is that supposed to make a healthy person well? The only thing that can actually heal you is you and your innate’s ability to heal you. The power that made the body, organized it from 2 cells (mom and dad), has kept it running all these years through all the crap you have put it through, has the power to heal itself. Trust in it! It definitely works better with no interference in its nervous system.

Really quick: back to that point on mainstream – Who cares? Do you have to be “mainstream” to be right? Ask Christopher Columbus (the world is flat – remember), Copernicus who was imprisoned as a “heretic” because he said the sun is the center of the universe – not the earth. The Wright brothers who were actually told after their first small successful attempt by a prospective lender that “they were actually not successful because their plane was heavier than air, so they really could not have been flying” True story! Mainstream means nothing – either something makes sense and is right or it doesn’t and it’s not!

Why Chiropractic for everyone? Have you ever seen a baby delivered? Whether with a vacuum extraction on their delicate little heads, a forceps pull on their delicate little heads, or the good old figure 8-vortex maneuver while pulling on their little necks. Birth is highly traumatic, and if you are not getting all the children you know in here or to another Chiropractor, then you are depriving them of a service that will add years to their lives and life to their years. There are enough Chiropractors in this area to take care of you and all your friends and family. Get off your butts and help someone. Help them live a more productive, more fruitful, and a more healthy life.

I would like to leave you with a quote from B.J. Palmer, developer of Chiropractic:

“You never know how far reaching something you may think, say, or do today will affect the lives of countless millions tomorrow!”

And now one of my favorites:

“Have you helped your fellow man today?”
Dr. Howard Fleischer

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