Smallpox – The Sequel, Starring Bill Clinton

It was reported yesterday that researchers at a U.S. university have been asked to study the smallpox vaccine so that the U.S. could be prepared in the event of a terrorist attack.

The reported problem is that there is only a small supply of smallpox vaccine available which is known as Dryvax. The plan in the study is to see how much the remaining vaccine could be diluted and still be effective.

According to the report, there are seven million doses of Dryvax available. The U.S. Government is also looking into other avenues to create new forms of smallpox vaccines.

Wasn’t smallpox eradicated? The World Health Organization declared the world free of smallpox in 1980 and last June, the last known remaining smallpox stock was intended for destruction. The only known remaining stock of smallpox, according to the report, had been kept in secure labs in Russia and at the CDC in Atlanta.

Was it destroyed? If it was, we could not have had the sequel.
Last April, President Bill Clinton announced that he would seek a delay in destroying the stocks of smallpox due to fears the disease may be spread through terrorist attacks.

Terrorist attacks from the CDC in Atlanta maybe?
Coming soon to a news feed near you. “Smallpox 3 – The Resurrection”

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