Many Saying No to Flu Shot for 2008 2009 Flu Season

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

News reports are out this week claiming that more than half of US adults surveyed have no intention of getting a flu shot this year. In a survey conducted by the Rand Corp. only about 30% of adults surveyed said they had already received a flu vaccination this year, with 17% planning to get a flu shot before the season ended, and 53% saying they would not be getting a flu shot this flu season.

female receiving flu shot at on-site flu clinic(photo: woman receiving flu shot at work – credit Inkyhack)

I suspect findings like these get public health officials and manufacturers of flu vaccines quite nervous. Government agencies like the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends an estimated 85% of the US population should be getting injected with flu vaccine this year (there’s also a nasal flu inhaler). Flu season in North America is expected to hit its peak in January and February and with Christmas and Hanukkah right around the corner, getting the remaining unvaccinated population of Americans into flu vaccine clinics is going to be a predictably arduous task.

Thanks to the Internet becoming more and more social each day, I had the opportunity earlier to conduct my own survey, and find out what people’s opinions were on getting flu shot this year. I had questions on whether they were planning to get the flu shot, had already gotten the flu shot, or had no plans on getting a flu shot this season. I sent a message out via my @chiropractic twitter account with the following question: FLU SHOT Survey: Getting one? Got one? No plans to get shot?

In about a 15 minute period I had responses from more than a dozen individuals. It’s no corporate study but its real data coming from real people. Of the 14 that responded, 3 reported having already received a flu shot. Of those three, one reported already coming down with the flu. One individual out of the 14 responding said they plan to get the flu shot but they have not had time. The remaining 11 individuals reported having no plans to get the flu shot this year (for various individual reasons).

Planning to get injected with flu vaccine this year? Whether your answer is yes or no, you can check the bottom of this flu survey post for comments. @ 9:17 pm | Article ID: 1229059093