Lots of Flu Shots but Little Science in 2007

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

The influenza flu propaganda machine is rolling, with news reports that there will be plenty of injectables and nasal sprays available for mass vaccination. But as we’ve seen in the past, promotion of the flu vaccine does not come without reports from medical journals questioning the effectiveness of such a vaccination program.

Reports began appearing online last week with news that there would be massive amounts of flu vaccines available this season, with many clinics beginning to give shots as early as October 1. From the Saginaw news in Michigan, comes a short post that health authorities promise to have lots of flu vaccine stockpiled, as many as 132 million doses, apparently more than the nation has ever produced. Yet, the Seattle Times today has an article from a health reporter covering a recent report in a medical journal, suggesting that the benefits of flu shots for the elderly have been greatly exaggerated. According to the report, public policy on flu vaccination has been based on flimsy, and even nonexistent, evidence.

After following flu vaccine stories year after year, it certainly has become apparent that local and state officials have a considerably different viewpoint regarding mass vaccination, in comparison to those of scientific researchers and experts in the field. One may begin to wonder whether there is bias in either of these groups and if so, where is the public safe to get their help information from? Do we give researchers greater trust, or are they hell-bent on promoting journals, or secretly out to trip up the government? Do we trust our elected officials to filter out what’s best for our health and longevity, or are they puppets of special interest groups?

One of the best ways to follow topics related to flu vaccines this season is to regularly check what’s appearing in the news. Historically, the majority of articles have been of a position of public health benefit but there’s always a few slipping through that are citing reviews and reports in medical journals, with data that contradicts what’s appearing in the major media. When it comes to your health, you’ve got to make the best choices for you. It doesn’t hurt to be well-informed and aware of all viewpoints.

Search through Google News for flu shot benefits and flu shot risks throughout the 2007 flu season, if you want to keep up on the latest news related to the topic.

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