Do a Little Extra Chiropractic Today

By Sharon Gorman, D.C.

Well maybe I don’t really mean DO a little extra. Maybe I mean BE a little extra. I’m not asking for you to add something else to your “to do list.” Do what you do with a little more LOVE. Do it with a little more STYLE. When you are with your people in the office take an extra second to look them in the eye, connect with them. Take an extra second to give them a hug or maybe it works better for you to shake their hand or touch them on their arm or shoulder. CONNECT with them. Get out of your comfort zone a little bit and acknowledge them for being in your life.

Tell them that you are proud of them, especially your staff. Listen to them a little bit more. Let them see your human side. Laugh with them a little. Smile at them for no apparent reason at all. All this won’t hurt you a bit or cost you a dime. It is that little extra that we give without even knowing that it will come back to us that makes us have that something SPECIAL about us. Give out of your abundance, love out of your abundance and serve out of your abundance. If you are not sure if you are abundant or that life has been treating you fairly then it is that much more important that you give of yourself. If you don’t believe that your world is deserving of your best face then you know that I am especially talking to you today. If you need to “act as if,” your actions that you choose to perform today can break you of the cycle of thinking that your life isn’t working out the way that you think that it should and CAN change your world as you break the cycle for no other reason than you could. You can choose to be an instrument of God and GOOD in your life today! You can choose to DO A LITTLE EXTRA. Tell one EXTRA person your truth about Chiropractic today.

One more thought, here’s a cool idea. How about taking a camera to work today and taking some pictures of your patients and filling up your bulletin board with their smiling faces. Do a theme, a kids board or a family board or a board of patients that have been under regular care for longer than a year. You will make a lot of people’s day today. People love to be recognized and acknowledged. Have a lot of fun today.

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