How do you spell fear? FLU

By Michael Dorausch, D.C. staff writer

“When facts are known, knowledge exists. When we possess knowledge, faith and beliefs disappear, for one is skeletal frame for substance of other.” BJ Palmer, Developer of Chiropractic

How do you spell fear? FLU. How do you spell profit? VACCINE. There is no question about it, the FEAR network is out in full force and is currently steamrolling through a neighborhood near you. I have been watching hundreds of news feeds during the past few weeks and the releases coming out related to the flu and the flu vaccine are staggering.

The great majority of flu and flu vaccine related news (the great majority of all news) is based on fear. A sample of headlines for the current week include titles such as… vaccine delays may prompt flu clinic postponements, officials say a flu season is almost here, officials prepare for influenza season, delay in flu vaccine delivery, thousands line up for flu shots, flu shot recall, three people dead after receiving flu vaccine, and flu vaccines could be a waste of time.

It appears as though there is new flu content appearing online every few minutes. Perform a Google News search and you’ll discover thousands of article headlines related to the flu.

Google News Search: Flu

This past week, the bulk of the headlines sent the message that there may not be enough flu vaccine to go around or that there would be delays. If one is to read through enough headlines though, they would discover many articles suggesting that there is a great abundance of flu vaccine available (in the United States) and that many places are fully stocked and prepared to deliver the stuff.

Recent headlines like “flu vaccine could be a waste of time” will be pummeled by hundreds and even thousands of contrary articles “reminding” people that they could be the next to die if they forgo flu vaccination. Almost every single canned flu vaccine article I’ve seen makes sure to mention “statistics” on death and dying from the flu.

Headlines from earlier this week also read… “flu shots safe for all kids”

I scanned through many of these headlines and read the articles. Over and over again I got the idea that someone was trying to sell something.

Out of hundreds, I found one that mentioned Thimerisol and mercury. Thimerosal, used in vaccines, is a compound that contains an inorganic form of mercury called ethylmercury. While the makers of childhood vaccines recently have agreed to stop using the mercury based compound in vaccines (due to pressure from parents whose children became autistic after receiving vaccinations) flu shots apparently still use the preservative.

The decision that it was okay to vaccinate every child in the United States under the age of two was based on one report. Barbara Loe Fisher, founder of the nonprofit National Vaccine Information Center had this to say… “Without large, nongovernment studies, substantive conclusions about vaccine safety and the long-term health of infants and children who receive annual influenza vaccinations cannot be made.” @ 7:19 pm | Article ID: 1161926402