Chiropractor Forced To Apologize

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A recent postcard from Denver chiropractor Dr. Visentin apparently offended thousands of whackos worldwide. The postcard featured a photo of the doctor holding a large empty container labeled “Whack.” The caption to the photo quipped “Out of Whack? See a chiropractor”.

Out of Whack?

“Truly I’m sorry,” said the Denver chiropractor. “Apparently the whackos of the world are very sensitive. I never expected this kind of reaction from a silly postcard. Now I have to retract something I never meant to imply.”

Every month Dr. Visentin sends postcards. They’re usually inspirational, motivational and occasionally in a testimonial format. This month’s stab at humor has obviously fallen flat with the whacko contingent that claim he’s gone too far.

“In the future I’ll steer away from references to any particular group,” the Denver chiropractor said. “The phone has been ringing incessantly with irate people who I’ve apparently offended. Maybe there is no fool like an April fool,” he surmised.

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