2011 DCS Dead Chiropractic Society California Jam Best Yet

A massive storm moved through Orange County California this past weekend. Outside it was hail and torrential sideways rain, wreaking havoc throughout the Southland, inside it was chiropractic thunder and spine sizzling lightning, as chiropractors from around the world gathered together for the fourth annual DCS Chiropractic California Jam. DCS and Dr. Bill Demoss did it again, making Southern California the center of the chiropractic universe.

DCS 2010 Orange County Performing Arts Center

The 3rd annual California Chiropractic Jam is taking place on March 12 and March 13, 2010. I received my ticket in the mail in February, hope you’re planning on attending, it’s going to be a blast. Chiropractors from across the United States and even from other parts of the globe are making their way to Southern California for the third annual jam, being hailed as the Spizzerinctum Tour.

Patrick Gentempo Speaks at DCS Tuesday October 14th 2008

Attention Southern California Chiropractors: Dr. Patrick Gentempo, Jr. is speaking Tuesday night at the Dead Chiropractic Society (DCS) clubhouse in Orange County, California. The event is scheduled to begin at 8 p.m. sharp. Chiropractors traveling from the Los Angeles area are reminded to check freeway closures related to potentially still burning Porter Ranch and other California wildfires.

Florida Chiropractor Rocks like a Hurricane at Newport DCS Clubhouse

Commuting the 405 freeway from Los Angeles to the Campus Drive exit in Newport Beach can be a hellish trip during the six thirtyish hour of the evening, especially when you can’t get into the carpool lane. The hour plus stop and go traffic can be a frustrating experience, but that’s the way it is at times, when moving through the Southland. Despite the bumper-to-bumper clogs through LAX and Long Beach areas, a trip to the DCS Clubhouse in Newport Beach California, was worth the effort. I estimate a hundred chiropractors made similar trips last night to listen to visiting Miami, Florida chiropractor, Dr. Joe Accurso.