Develop Your Full Potential at DE in Sarasota

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

A strange thing about human nature is that too often we tend to have a low opinion of ourselves. This low self esteem holds us back; keeping us from realizing our full potential. Though we may hate to admit it, in a variety of ways, we destroy or allow others to destroy our self confidence, Often when a new thought or idea pops into our minds we respond immediately telling ourselves that we can’t do or accomplish that which we desire. If we continue to follow this train of thought long enough we find ourselves in a negative state of mind; never accomplishing all that we are capable of.

We MUST believe in ourselves, have faith in our own abilities; exercise our power from within to its fullest potential to accomplish our heart’s desire. Until we accomplish this we can never be truly happy or successful in life.

Another stumbling block toward the realization of our full potential is fear. This comes most often because we have a fear of failure. As Franklin D. Roosevelt said “We have nothing to fear but fear itself.” Yet too often we allow fear to control our thoughts and the direction of actions we take.

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Another very common reason for a person’s lack of success is that of not knowing HOW to develop the full potential from within. Though you may not realize it you possess within you, the power that allows you to take full possession of your mind and direct it toward the solutions of your problems and the attainment of your goals. Once you understand how to use it you immediately free yourself from negative thoughts and limitations and instead attract to yourself the abundance of everything you need to be successful and happy.

To Register for the upcoming DE in Sarasota, FL phone us at 770-438-9949. Attend the April 25-28 DE meeting in beautiful Sarasota and see how developing your full potential can pay big dividends.

At DE, you will be exposed to many DC’s who have learned how to release the power within themselves and are now highly successful in their practice and in their lives. Being associated with these DC’s and hearing them talk will give you the opportunity to tap into their success secrets projecting you toward developing your full potential.

Once you gain this self mastery and develop positive self-images; you will find only those images and your ability to SEE IT BIG defines that which you can or can’t accomplish. This is why you need DE, why it’s so important for you to get a clear vision of what you want to accomplish, and to begin moving in a direction of self mastery and greater success.

The direction in which a person moves is determined by the exercise of that person’s greatest power—the power within. Oliver Wendell Holmes once said “The greatest thing in the world is not so much where we stand as in what direction we are moving.”

Make sure you are moving in the right direction–come to Sarasota in April for the DE meeting that can change your direction in life, awakening the innate power of self-mastery and developing the inner potential that is within you. You will discover your full potential and how to use it.

The DE specifics we advocate have been tried, tested and proven true by many who have attended DE. Greater success can be yours too! The DE presentations we speak of are for you, your spouse, assistants and family. The messages are clearly understandable and can be absorbed by all in attendance who truly desire to obtain the dynamic power and perpetual magnetism of the “Greats” in our profession.

These success principles become known only to those who are prepared to seek and accept them. Come seek and accept these great truths and receive the success they can bring you. Make your reservations for the April DE today. We look forward to seeing you there. Call 770-438-9949 or go to to register online.

“Use your full potential! Take charge of your life!” – Dr. Sid E. Williams

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