HMO launches ad campaign regarding medical mistakes

Nando Times reported that an HMO group has launched an ad campaign on medical errors hoping to keep Americans harmed by bad medical care the right to sue HMOs.

The commercials are aimed to “shift the focus on protecting patients to eliminating medical errors instead of settling patient disputes in court” according to the report. The ads are being sponsored by the American Association of Health Plans.

According to the report, the ads say “medical mistakes can kill” and claims that “Washington prefers more lawsuits” as ways to prevent more medical mistakes.

Instead of lawsuits, the ad suggests to “get patients the care they need instead of getting lawyers the clients they want” as stated in the report.

The report points out once again that medical errors have gotten the attention of government since the release of a study last November showing that as many as 98,000 people are killed annually because of medical mixups.

According to the report, the American Association of Health Plans hopes “to discourage lawmakers from passing a patients’ rights bill that would subject insurers to lawsuits, which they are now protected from by federal law.”

Government is looking for a solution, medicine is looking for a solution, the public is looking for a solution. The article clearly states that the appropriate thing to do is to get patients the care they need. Where can patients get health the care they need? Where can an entire family go for health care that is safe, effective, affordable, and unique from any other form of health care on this planet?

Link: HMO association’s new ads focus on medical mistakes

Critics blast HMO industry’s ad campaign Yahoo’s Health News @ 7:16 am | Article ID: 954342999