Conviction of the Heart

by Travis Robertson

Why did you decide to become a doctor? When were you sure beyond a doubt that that’s what you wanted? Have you ever been sure beyond a doubt? Are you still questioning it? Is it what you really want to do? Are you scared? Are you not scared and think that you should be? All these questions and, for many of us, no definite answer to any of them.

So much is cloudy. So much is unsure. We throw ourselves into a sea of doubt questioning our own abilities. We worry about and toil over the numbers. The number of people that are better than me. The number of people that are better with people than me. The numbers on tests or grade reports that are supposed to reflect what we know. People, if you ask them, have so much more faith in you than you do.

Believe in yourself. You can become the doctor you have always dreamed of being. People are not lying when they appreciate what you’ve done for them. You are appreciated. You are respected. You are loved. You have locked inside you, for it is locked in everyone, a power so immense, so great, that it can make all your dreams come true.

Doctors have this added bonus of, through their education, being close to this inner power. This inner power that wants to be expressed. We learn about the human body, the anatomy, chemistry, the physiology and so on. We get to see first hand this wonderful power, inherent and at work within our bodies. We get to see all the “little” things it does every single microsecond of our lives so that we can continue to be. This which we experience, as doctors and doctors to be, on such an intimate level demands one thing from us. That one thing is RESPECT. We know, as every doctor should, how this inner power, this spark, this flame, wants to be expressed.

There are so many things that can interfere with this and I’m not talking just subluxation. I’m talking about the biggest problem with people today. That problem is ATTITUDE. Attitude is one of the most important causes of interference in the expression of this inner force we all have.

I have said it before that we physically adjust our patients but more importantly we need to mentally adjust them. Help them to find the correct path. Attitudes of fear, regret, resentment, anger, doubt, and disbelief. These are the attitudes that dominate most of us. These attitudes have their place in our lives but that place is not the driver’s seat. The driver’s seat needs to be headed up by optimism, compassion, courage, hope, faith, humor, and love. These feelings and attitudes are there all the time. They are fighting so hard to get out. The doors are held tight by those other attitudes. There is one thing that can break down that door and let the positive attitudes do what they were always there waiting to do. That one thing is Conviction. Not just any old conviction but conviction of the heart.

Some may say that they possess such conviction and that reminds me of a few lines from a favorite song of mine. It goes something like this, “You’ve heard it hundreds of times. You say you’re aware. Believe that you care. But do you care enough? Where’s your conviction of the heart?”.

When conviction of the heart sets in there are no boundaries. The flicker, the spark that contained the positive attitudes explodes with such a awesome force that the negative attitudes can no longer bar the door. Conviction of the heart is key. We all need to answer the question for ourselves, “Why did I want to become a doctor?”. The conviction I found in my heart has helped me to answer that question. I wanted to become a doctor for one simple reason. I wanted to see that small flicker of a person’s true being grow into a fully expressed raging fire that no one, not even a doctor telling them that they have six months to live, can put out. A fire that, I hope, is contagious.

I want my patients, friends, and family to realize that they are not weak, fragile, and prone to breakdowns. That they are not slaves to their genetic code. That they don’t need anything that they don’t already have. That they need not be afraid for fear is what fertilizes the ground for disease. That they need not doubt their own body’s abilities. That they need not have disbelief in the body’s inherent, innate strive to be healthy, to succeed, to live. We, as people, are so much stronger than we give ourselves credit for. I want everyone to know that they have this potential locked away inside of them.

Many of us, the doctors to be and doctors in the field still have this potential locked up. I know you all have the passion. Let it come forth. Grab the conviction, rest it in your heart and use it to fuel the flame that is buried deep in all of us. Do what you do because you KNOW that it is right regardless of what others may think. Dare to be different. Stand your ground. Be goofy. Be fun. Have a sense of humor, especially about yourself. Get peoples’ attention. Talk to people. Get to know people. Ask people questions. Ask them what they love, what they are passionate about, what they dream about. Be proud of what you do, who you are, and where you came from. Keep reading. Keep digging for more information. Keep expanding your horizons of knowledge. Keep listening to others. Keep telling the Chiropractic Story to everyone you meet. Some will get it, some won’t but keep telling.

Believe in yourself. Believe in Chiropractic. Believe in Life. After all they are one in the same. Keep the conviction and success will unfold before you. Someday life can be grand for all, but it’s up to us, the Chiropractors and fledgling Chiropractors, to finally be brave enough to talk with conviction of the heart.

– – – – – – – – – –
Travis Robertson is a student at Palmer Chiropractic College in Davenport, Iowa. He is just beginning his 5th Trimester there and is an example of what’s to come from our New DC’s in this age of information. @ 2:12 pm | Article ID: 1014329569