Los Angeles Lakers Day 2001 – LA Lakers Parade

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Monday, June 18th, 2001: Outgoing Mayor Richard Riordan and Mayor-elect James Hahn jointly declared today Los Angeles Lakers Day in the city of Los Angeles. An estimated five hundred fifty thousand people lined Figueroa Street in downtown Los Angeles (just blocks from our office) for today’s NBA championship parade.

I know there are many chiropractic basketball fans out there and I would not want to let you down. Here are some photos from today’s celebration. There was no time for me to ask Shaq, or the rest, the all important question, “who’s your chiropractor?” but I have a strong feeling we’ll have the answer soon.

Enjoy some photos of former Lakers player, Magic Johnson and the Lakers Cheerleaders, as well as Rick Fox, my favorite Laker, holding a well deserved trophy.

Magic Johnson Magic Johnson

Cheerleaders Rick Fox

more cheerleaders even more cheerleaders

Let’s find out who the team chiropractor is for the Lakers, I’d like to see what kind of table is used to adjust Shaq and the gang? Imagine taking films on this guy?

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