Are you forcing your practice?

By Sharon Gorman, D.C.

What a weekend! I’m still recovering. We had over 100 people at this past weekend’s Pocono Focus. The cool part is that almost half of those people were under 15 years old. It was truly a family weekend. During the Pizza Pool Party Saturday night I counted 40 people in the swimming pool at one time. The chiropractic speakers blew me away. I am proud to be associated with such a group of dedicated loving people. Each Weekend is better than the last.

It changed for me this year when I stopped and took a look at why I put on these weekends (for the past 10 years or so). It is easy to forget sometimes why you do something after you get used to doing it for a while. The reasons changed for me over the year. When I started it was all about volume. How many people can I reach? Similar to when I started to practice. I how many people can I get to the Focus Weekend? I would get on the phone and try to convince people to come. I would attend tons of seminars to promote the weekend. I would push. I would have a lot more people there then 100 because that was my primary objective.

When I looked at the picture now things are very different. I put these weekends on for a very selfish reason. I need to be there. I need to feel how I feel being around the other chiropractors. I need to make that available to my husband and kids. I have chiropractic kids and that doesn’t happen accidentally. My associates and staff get to be there and even some of my patients. My world becomes a better more principled place to live after we put on a Focus Weekend. We remember why we do what we do and hear other people who do what we are doing and inspire us to perform in excellence.

Now that I coach my clients they too have the opportunity to grow. After the weekend people change. It is like after you do a New Patient Orientation and the patients get it and then when they come in you have something to work with because they possess some of the basic principles that we live under. Focus has that effect on my clients. I support them in achieving their dreams and after focus they are clearer about what their dreams are.

All the other people that come to Focus are just gravy. They are fortunate enough to be along with us on the ride. If no one else came besides my family, my speakers, my associates, staff and patients Focus would be successful. There is no anxiety involved anymore. I can’t fail. It is easy. It is stress free.

Now take this same conversation and apply it to your chiropractic practice. Are you forcing it? Are you operating out of fear? Is it all about your ego? Do you set it up so that you can win? Are you reaching into the hearts of the people around you? Are you sharing the truth?

I once talked to a chiropractic student who I had sent to Life when I was at DE. I was encouraging him to go to DE. I wasn’t having too much luck. He told me that he had been there before and he didn’t understand why he had to go back to hear the same stuff and he also didn’t understand why I kept going back. Same reason patients don’t hold their adjustments. Stress. My stress comes from living in a world where people don’t understand the principle and after a while if I don’t get around people of like mind then I get watered down and lose my Focus. Besides it just feels so good to be around other chiropractic people.

I can imagine 20 years from now sitting at a Chiropractors Philosophy Weekend and listening to the new DC’s talking about how many of them used to go to the Pocono’s when they were a kid and that is where they learned about Chiropractic. I learned Chiropractic in the Ramada Inn’s in New Jersey and in Chinatown in NY with my Uncle Howard Cantor, Dick Santo, Bob Sottile, Lou Panuccio, Bob Ambrose, Arnie Taub etc., etc., etc. Were you there? If you were you would have never forgotten the Passion. Create that Passion in your practice and in your life. Create or attend events where we can pass it on.

Special Thank You’s to some of the most special people in the world, this past weekends speakers: Leo Beloyianis, Pasquale Cerasoli, Mike Goodman, Gary Horwin, Charisse Huston, Peter Lawrence, Adam Nogrady, Mike O’Halleran, Nicole Poirier, Pennie Schwartz, Marilyn Shore, Andy Smith, Dave Smith Kim Stetzel and my husband Ron for all of his help and support.

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