Purpose of Prayer and Meditation

By Sharon Gorman, D.C.

Are things outside of you dictating your mood? If things are going good you are good. If things aren’t going good then you aren’t good. Most people function in response to their environment or outside circumstances.

The purpose of prayer and meditation is to prepare yourself to handle life as it happens. When I feel spiritually connected (the reason I say feel is because there is no way to get closer than you already are to God), I can make choices and function without letting fear guide all of my decisions. When I am operating with a lot of fear I look for comfort often outside of myself. I miss the obvious and I blame the situations of my life for causing that cloud of fear that forms over my head. It is a spiritual subluxation. It can’t be treated from the outside-in just like any other kind of subluxation. I need to slow down and pray so that I can remember that I am not in charge of the universe and this lightens my load. I search out God’s will for me and I stop taking myself too seriously. I just keep reconnecting to God and try to do as God would have me do. I try to keep functioning from a place of love. I try to bring my love even into the most difficult situations or should I say especially into the most difficult situations. Yet not only into those most difficult situations but into every waking moment. Even into the smallest actions I attempt to operate as an instrument of God. In my spiritually connected moments I bring love, healing and abundance into all of my situations.

Here is a great affirmation I picked up years ago along the way and I thought I’d share it with you. I attract positive paying patients.

That’s all for now. Thanks for forcing me to sit down and center myself when I write these messages. Have a beautiful week.

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