Lance Armstrong Fired as CTO of Planet Chiropractic

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Lance Armstrong has been fired as the chief technical officer at Planet Chiropractic headquarters in Los Angeles, California.

I don’t know what to make of this. I didn’t even know that Lance was on the payroll. Well, it all ends today.

How did I get tipped off? It’s the mail. Either that, or the fact that my Livestrong wristband has gone missing.

Seriously now, There are no Lance Anyones working for us and thus nobody has not been fired. But I have been getting some interesting mail from two credit card companies.

Back in February or March of 2005 I began getting credit card offers from CitiBank addressed to: Lance Armstrong at Planet Chiropractic. The first time I received one I glanced at the envelope, thought it was maybe some marketing technique CitiBank was trying, and shredded the envelope.

Lance Armstrong gets mail at Planet Chiropractic

A month or so later I received another invitation, again addressed to lance Armstrong. This time he had advanced to Chief Tech of the company. I shredded the envelope. Since the summer I have received three or four more offers from two credit card companies, Advanta Platinum business card and CitiBank.

Both companies address their mail to Lance Armstrong, both at my mailing address. Considering it from a marketing perspective, I thought maybe this was a planned effort from credit card companies to get us to read their offers. I don’t have any info yet whether it is a planned effort. I would seem to me illegal or at least unethical to use the name of someone else in marketing. The more I think about it though it is more effective than mailing to: Current Resident or Current Business Owner.

Lance Armstrong Chief Tech at Planet Chiropractic

I am wondering how these credit card companies would get such data. Are they purposely marketing to people using the name of Lance Armstrong (or others) to get their attention? Maybe it is the companies they are purchasing data from. If that is the case how are they getting data? I wonder if they are scanning websites for contact information. There are hundreds of pages of data on our site and there is mention of Lance Armstrong in several articles. It would seem rather unlikely though that the name would get matched up in a database.

One of the CitiBank mailings offered a FREE iPod. I almost wanted to send it in just to see what would happen. There has got to be some concern for privacy issues or identity theft. I notice neither of the offers are “pre-approved” and don’t have the fields filled out in the application area. This again has me wondering if it is just a marketing effort. When I get more info I’ll post it here.

Since this article was posted we began receiving magazines, multiple credit card offers, and phone calls for people asking if “Lance” was available. Still no idea where the trail begins but it’s amazing how many pieces of mail we have received to date. We can add Gerber Life Insurance Company and a local Washington Mutual (in Venice) to the list of companies mailing offers. @ 1:15 pm | Article ID: 1134065709