Time To Give Back

When we go to chiropractic seminars, gatherings, conventions and people recognize us or have heard from others who we are and are pointed out to them, people will come, introduce themselves and ask, when is the next mission? They will immediately provide us a business card, which we take appreciatively, and they say, “I want to go on the next one!” or “Please let me know when the next one is.” It is indeed wonderful to feel the pride and joy knowing that what we are doing on these missions has made so much impact that word has gotten around and that people long to participate in this humanitarian endeavor.

Lina Ocon

For the last three months we have been working and organizing our 8th Chiropractic Mission to Panama. Just to write this, this moment, 8th, is to feel tremendous pride. It is to take into consideration that our first mission was back in April of 1997, and that since then we have continued taking the wonders of chiropractic to people, people that would otherwise have continued suffering from a long list of ills, depending on pills, potions, lotions and god only knows what else. It is to see their smiling faces, their tearful goodbyes, and their heartfelt requests that we return soon. It is to know that they know what the importance of an adjustment is. It is to see glowing doctors, changed forever because of the forever changes they have made on fellow men’s lives.

This or should I say these reasons have always been our motivation and inspiration. They have always been the all powerful force that has moved us to work so many hours, make so many phone calls, send so many faxes, sacrifice so much valuable time from our practices or with our families in order to make these missions happen like they do, well organized. Organized in a fashion to ensure success, inspiration, motivation, passion, and an incomparable experience from which all involved benefit.


It is due to all of these reasons described that these “sacrifices” are so worth it. How can you not continue when you see blind who can now see, deaf who can now hear, children that smile or look up to see their parents for the first time in their lives. Too see people who tell you that they are now able to sleep, to dream, after not having been able to for years. To be allowed into schools, orphanages, homes for the elderly, not just to educate but to adjust all the children, adults and staff. To hear that the “last wish” of a “terminally ill” man as he lay on his “death bed” in a hospital is to be seen by the “Chiropractors from the United States” (as they refer to us) AND to be let in, as Chiropractors, by the hospital to provide an adjustment! To speak to a woman who only a few hours earlier had been set on taking her own life due to chronic pain which nobody had been able to help her with, yet decides to take one last chance after seeing an interview with a chiropractor on television. She is adjusted, and what happens, another life is changed due to the miracle they call “Quiropractica”. Once again we see the power of a single adjustment.

Isn’t this reason enough to want to pick up the phone now and make reservations on whatever airline will get you down there? Reason enough to start packing and arrive in a country where the people are screaming for us? Reason enough to arrive in a country where we understand we may not get financial compensation however do know and understand that the payment of hugs, smiles, prayers and “gracias” is worth so much more than the money could ever do?

Luis Ocon, D.C.

Isn’t this the best way to give back to chiropractic? To that wonderful profession that allows us to have a house, a car, an office, vacations etc…

Since 1997 C.R.E.W. (Chiropractors Restoring Energy Worldwide) has been dedicated to doing just this. To give from the heart — with the hands in countries where there either is no chiropractic or it is very limited. In countries where people go to sleep and awaken subluxated. In countries where people value the adjustment as if it were gold instead of just taking it for granted as so many people do.

Today, C.R.E.W. makes a call to you. We ask for your participation, and should your heart decide to participate in the October 14th to the 22nd mission call us at (831) 424-4537. We need you there.

Love and Light,

Lina “Sigafoosita” Ocon

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