A Little Something Extra

By Sharon Gorman, D.C.

The way that I show my gratefulness for all of the abundance that I receive in Life is by doing the little things a little better, a little kinder and with a little bit more appreciation for the opportunity to make a difference. That might sound a little sappy but it works. At the end of the day how I perform in the Now is all that really matters – now. Can a manage a little extra smile today even if the day isn’t going how I want it to. Can I make eye contact a little bit more. Can I let people see the love that is in my heart when they look in my eyes.

Am I going to hide the flame and passion that lives in my heart for people and Chiropractic or am I going to express it? I can only keep the magic if I keep giving it away, not only when I feel like it but also when I don’t. Imagine the difference we can all make today individually and collectively if we take a few minutes and explain to 1 extra person the Chiropractic Message. Our message is one of hope. Our message is little understood by most and so minimized by many. How huge a vision we have as a profession and as each individual sets out to the face the world we have a reason to be. We have a song to sing. We have a fire in our bellies to bring a truth to the world that properly delivered will change the world by changing people’s lives one at a time.

Keep it simple. An extra smile and extra kind word. We can all manage that. Remember whatever you put out comes back tenfold. Don’t let that principle bite you in the butt. Let that principle bless your life.

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Sharon Gorman, ChiropractorA Little Something Extra is a Monday Morning Message from Dr. Sharon Gorman.
Dr. Sharon Gorman is a 1980’s graduate of Life Chiropractic College. She organizes a Local Chiropractors Focus Philosophy night the second Saturday of every month at the Howard Johnson on route 611, in Pennsylvania. For more information about the events you can call: (570) 476-7557 or visit the website at: www.focuschiropractic.com

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