Being Totally Conscious Of The Healing Process

By Sid Mouk, D.C.

HEALING is what it’s all about. All of us in this profession are Healers or we wouldn’t be in Chiropractic. And all of us should be competent “doctors”, also, but that’s not why we’re here. This world is too full of “doctors” who can put a name on the dis-ease the patient temporarily has but can’t do a thing to fix it… what sick people are crying out for is Healing!

I met an old time DC named Dr. Joe at a seminar recently (50+ years in practice and still adjusting patients) and he gave me some tips on Healing that might be helpful to all of us. He explained his methods of enhancing the Healing process (developed over the past 50 years and based upon teachings from hundreds of Chiropractic seminars, Native American Pow-Wows… he is part Cherokee, and his own personal experience). He says that we can all enhance the Healing process and put ourselves into a “Healing State” by certain physical procedures. The following are the ones he uses (and he still adjusts many patients every day):

Before Entering The Adjusting Room:
– I have strong emotional concern for the patient and I think “good health” at all times.
– I realize the patient is surrounded by an aura of electromagnetic energy and that my contact with the patient will start before I actually touch them. When I do touch the patient, I will use a very light but firm pressure on the patient’s body so as not to add any more irritation to their nervous system.
– I will use the intuitive direction of the Innate Healing Force to channel the direction of my contact on the patient and to modify the adjustment according to the needs of this particular patient at this particular time.

As I Walk Into The Adjusting Room And Before Adjusting The Patient I Concentrate On the Following:
– I am so well organized that I will effectively project my training and experience to the patient.
– I give the patient a sincere compliment to help them like themselves better.
– I visualize the nervous system and all of its parts in the prone patient.
– I ask the patient “What’s Better Today?”

As I Adjust The Patient I Do The Following:
– Throughout the adjustment, I keep my tongue pressed gently to the top of my mouth to strengthen my energy field.
– I gently rub the palms of my hands together to normalize polarity and to dissipate any tensions that might still be remaining from the last adjustment.
– As I adjust the patient, I “zero in” my mental activity on the contact I am making on this particular patient at this particular time. I allow nothing to disturb my concentration.
– When I adjust the patient, a mental image of the patient’s problem appears in my mind and the method of correction is known to me immediately.
– I visualize the abnormal position of the vertebra… and the correction of the subluxation as I adjust it.
– I adjust the patient lovingly and effectively in 5 minutes or less. I move quickly and confidently. The healing of the patient is quick and powerful.
– After adjusting the patient, I place both hands lightly on the pain area, perform slow deep breathing, and concentrate totally on the contact my hands are making. This revitalizes the “Life Force Center” in the patient by contact with energy that is beyond the physical. I visualize the patient’s body full of light, electromagnetic energy, health, joy, comfort, and strength. I see nothing but “the perfect expression of the Innate” in the patient’s body.

– Whenever I speak with the patient after the adjustment, I always place my hand on the patient’s body to “bridge the gap” to the Innate.
– I encourage a high degree of activity and fullness of life in the patient, avoiding totally any “age” concepts.
– I am in control of the situation at all times. I tell the patient when they need to see me again and get their commitment to the appointment before I leave the adjusting room.
– As I leave the adjusting room, I tell the patient “The adjustment went very well today. You’ll get better” and I immediately walk out of the room.

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