Focus on the Gifts

By Sharon Gorman, D.C.

“When there is nothing left but God, that is when you find out God is all you need.”

I hate when life doesn’t turn out the way that I think it should. I’ve been there and every time it gets really challenging I get desperate enough to call on God and there he is. Sometimes it is hard to know if he is really there when I lean on him. Sometimes I forget that prayers are only wishes if I don’t follow through with action. What is the right action?

When things get tough I turn to God for strength. I turn to God so that I don’t feel so alone. I turn to God because it makes me feel safe. I sometimes forget to turn to God and consult with him when things are good but I often don’t forget when I am being challenged. Maybe I wouldn’t have such tough challenges if I stayed more connected to his will for me. Praying only when life hurts is sort of like getting adjusted only when I am in pain. I’ve heard it said many times that chiropractic unites man the physical with man the spiritual. Medicine is physical. Religion is spiritual (sometimes). The chiropractic adjustment re-connects us by opening up the life channels so God can be expressed in our bodies.

As a chiropractor my job is so simple in that I don’t have to be responsible for the patient becoming asymptomatic. I am responsible to clear the patient so that their life’s force can be conducted and so that their body can heal itself, if it is able. I don’t take credit for when the patient gets “better” because if I do than I also have to take “credit” for when they doesn’t “feel” better. Sometimes that is tough for me because I want to control things in life including my patients symptoms. I have become an expert at locating and removing subluxations and that is my responsibility as a chiropractor. I also have become a master in communicating. I expect the patient to retain the responsibility for their body (anything else would be an illusion). I need to explain to them with all the passion and evidence that I can muster that it is vital for them to value that service for a lifetime. I want to be their chiropractor not just when they are hurting (yes, I believe that I need to be there for them then too) but just as importantly I need to be there for their continues health and aliveness.

I often joke with the patients that “I might be white and flaky but I’m no aspirin,” and even after saying that and a lot more during my weekly new patient orientation and my ongoing table talk sometimes they still choose to try to treat me like an aspirin. Early in practice I used to blow them out of my office if they wouldn’t do it my way. Some people think that is the best way to go. More recently for me I have been able to accept them where they are at. If I blow them out then they are gone. If I keep them around then I have more chances to turn them into the kind of patient that I would hope they would be.

I guess I softened a bit since I have children. I have learned to love unconditionally. That is how I’ve grown to love my patients too. I can’t seem to turn them away if God sent them my way. I accept all patients regardless of their physical condition and their ability to pay. I don’t even let what I perceive as ignorance to get in my way either. I can’t afford to judge anymore. I have lost too many years trying to decide if a patient qualifies for my love or even if another chiropractor measures up to what I think should be. I see it as my job to just stay in a state of peace and love. I know that sounds corny but it sure beats the alternative. I don’t think God judges and so if he doesn’t bother judging than maybe I don’t need to either.

When I am judging others than I am obviously not dealing with my own stuff which is all I can really change – myself. I need to mind my own business and live my life as an example and let others judge themselves if they would like. I try to make my life and my practice so attractive so that people want to be around me and my methods. I don’t need to put anyone else down to make myself feel better. I need to focus on staying connected and living God’s will for me. I am very grateful and I focus on the gifts.

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