What a Wonderful World

By Robert W. Tarantino BS, DC, PhC
From “The 34th Principle”

In the year 1927 Dr. Ralph W. Stephenson took B.J. Palmer’s Chiropractic Philosophy and systematically indexed it into the Thirty-three Fundamental Principles of Chiropractic. In the Preface to his Chiropractic Textbook Dr. Stephenson wrote, ” to me the Fountainhead of Chiropractic was BJ, not the school. ” He went on to further state, ” I feel the fundamental principles of Chiropractic, as given by this great teacher, are not to be tampered with by me or any one else…” End of story? No.

Let us now fast-forward to the year 2003, 76 years later. Stephenson’s principles remain embedded in the philosophy that continues to govern our profession. If you call yourself a Chiropractor then this is your philosophy. To date these simple rules have not been disproved. In their simplicity they help in our understanding of human existence and how we as Chiropractors can aid humanity on earth.

Today our philosophy, in part, has been adopted by many other philosophies, organized religions and professions, including the medical profession. The majority of people in the world recognize, using various descriptive terms, the existence of a Universal Intelligence. These same people also recognize that there is an organizational force that is ” built in ” living things…an Innate wisdom, so to speak.

These premises in the 33 Principles are by no means unique. What does make our philosophy unique is Stephenson’s Principle No. 31 which states ” Interference with transmission in the body, is always directly or indirectly due to subluxations in the spinal column.” Yes, Vertebral Subluxations occur from birth until death and interfere with your human body’s life transmission. That’s a Big Idea!

That big idea makes us as Chiropractors so important for the continued well-being of all people on earth. It makes both us and those who use our services truly unique. With a Chiropractic Adjustment we enable human beings to continue to function at their highest levels both physically and mentally, for a lifetime.

Some would say that the only job of a Chiropractor is to locate and correct Vertebral Subluxations and that Dr. Stephenson’s 33 Principles say it all…I disagree. Dr. Stephenson ended with principle No. 33 but we don’t have to.

We can add Principle No. 34…the Thirty-fourth Principle. The Thirty-fourth Principle states that once you have learned the initial defining principles, No.1 through 33, you must now adopt them in your life. Allow them to guide and direct you. Allow them to govern every aspect of your life. Adopting the Chiropractic Philosophy truly defines you as a unique individual. Besides that, you must teach this philosophy to all persons you come in contact with, family included, so you may change their lives as well.

The ramifications of these individual changes are exponential. The world will be occupied by future generations of innately driven individuals. You will be filled with a feeling of accomplishment and will experience a success in life that few have ever achieved. You will be responsible, in part, for a more beautiful earth on which to live and prosper. You will be responsible, in part, for a world whose future is filled with goodness and light.

It’s up to you.
What a Wonderful World it could be!

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