5 Valentines Day Ideas Your Chiropractor Will Love

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Valentines 2008 is quickly approaching, and while people are primarily focused on making plans with their loved ones, there’s no reason to count out that special chiropractor in your life. I am not talking about those of you married to chiropractors, but you’re certainly invited to participate. These are tips for anyone who loves the chiropractic care they receive and wants to do something nice that their chiropractor will appreciate.

Valentines flowers chiropractic office1) Flowers for the Office
There’s something special about fresh flowers in the reception area of any small business. Our chiropractic office has an all-female staff and we have many clients that are women. In my experience they love flowers, and a nice bouquet (whether it be roses, carnations or some other mixture) can go a long way in bringing out many smiles. Bring some flowers by the office and people will be appreciative for it.

2) Bring a Friend or Family Member
This is really easy to do and it’s something you may have overlooked. Most chiropractors are very passionate about their work and they love to be able to share with others. Bringing along a friend or family member on your next adjustment visit to the chiropractor is a great way to show what a chiropractic visit is all about. Chances are you have a friend or coworker that keeps asking about chiropractic care, so why not bring them along on your next scheduled visit?

3) Refer Someone to your Chiropractor
Nothing says I love the care you provide like a referral. Referrals are the lifeblood of nearly every business practice yet their importance is oftentimes overlooked. The woman in your office that’s always complaining of migraines, the checkout person at your favorite health food store that’s wearing bilateral wrist braces, the couple that announced they’re going to have a new baby, they are all examples of people that may benefit from chiropractic care (anyone that’s breathing, can likely benefit from chiropractic). Grab some extra business cards when you’re at your chiropractor’s office, and help spread the word.

4) Write about your chiropractor in your blog
This is really easy to do and it can benefit your chiropractor in many ways. Take a few moments to locate a link to their website, and mention them in a blog post (including the link to the chiropractors website). You don’t have to write a whole article about the amazing results you’ve experienced from regular chiropractic care (although that’s nice), simply mentioning names using links (like George Khoury, Patrick Bennett, or Kathy McAuliffe) can help your chiropractor attract more visits to their web site.

5) Write an Online Review
This takes a bit more effort but it’s also easy to do. Take some time to share a story about the great chiropractic care you received on web sites like Yahoo local and many others. You don’t have to write a detailed testimonial about scoliosis and chiropractic, a brief paragraph about why you like the office should suffice.

If you really think your chiropractor is exceptional, you can always write to us at Planet Chiropractic (look for the yellow envelope just beneath the title of this article for an e-mail link) with a detailed explanation as to why you believe your chiropractor should be featured in one of our top chiropractors articles.

Happy Valentines 2008!

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