Is Your Office Loving, Serving, Giving

By Super CA Lynne

I hope everyone had an amazingly healing week!

My question this week… If you have been given a gift to share with your brothers and sisters but you are not sharing this gift because they can’t afford to pay for it what’s the use of having a gift? I don’t like to be negative but this has really been bothering me a lot lately.

I have been hearing a lot of complaining about numbers being down yet offices are holding care back from people because of the almighty buck. This makes my heart ache. Yes there has to be a value placed on the adjustment. Yes we have to pay the bills. Would you sleep better at night knowing we could change the lives of a family of 4 for $20.00 a week or turn away a man who can’t afford $20.00 an adjustment for himself. Which one is going to help change the world faster? It’s all about changing lives! Isn’t the adjustment free anyway? How can you charge for something that is priceless? Changing the lives of a single mother and her children who have just left an abusive home for $2.00 a week. Changing the lives of children whose father doesn’t beat them anymore because he got reconnected with a $5.00 adjustment. The prices of the adjustments may vary but the value never does.

Each time an adjustment is made something changes. And don’t you think that if we served all people regardless of age, condition of financial ability to pay this world would be a better place? And don’t you think our offices would be overflowing? I’m willing to bet my life on it.

I know there are offices that accept all cases and bless you if you are one of them, (I am very lucky to be working in one of those offices). If you’re not what are you waiting for?

How much more satisfying would the end of your day be by serving everyone who came through your front door? Not everyone has been blessed with this most precious gift of being able to give an adjustment. It is up to us to make sure everyone receives it. Just look at the sparkle in a new patient’s eyes when they know they can actually afford to have their life changed and then they ask you about bringing in their whole family and their friends. You only get back what you give out. Open up and get ready to receive.

Loving… Serving… Giving that’s what it’s all about. I know with certainty this is what DD and BJ would have wanted.

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