How’s Your Flow? (Monday Morning Message)

Catchy title, especially for you fellow ladies, but that is not what I meant. I’m talking about your office. This is usually our busiest time of the year and true to form we have been starting a ton of new patients. The only problem is that our overall numbers haven’t been growing. I had to stop and take a look and actually consult myself for a minute. What would I tell me if I was not me but looking at my stats.

Mixed Valentine’s Day Messages

Start looking for love on this chiropractic website, and you’re bound to find many topics. Earlier last week, the staff, and I were going through Valentine’s Day posts from previous years, and doing some searches for topics related to a love for chiropractic, and/or love for life. Many heartwarming messages were discovered amongst the millions of 0s and 1s of data stashed away in our news archives. Here’s a brief collection of articles from years past that touch on these topics.