Are Your Patients Dying?

A Monday Morning Message
By Sharon Gorman, D.C.

Most people die from heart disease, strokes and cancer. Think for a minute, how many of your active patients who get adjusted on a regular basis die from any of these ailments? I’m not talking about patients that stop in a few times a year to get their “aspirin” adjustment. I’m talking about your regulars. Have you thought of any yet. Not to many, if any, I bet.

People die, it’s part of life yet we know from years of experience that people’s lives and the quality of their lives are greatly enhanced by doing what we spend so much time telling them to do. This stuff works. People who get adjusted on a regular basis have greater expression of life. Their life is turned on. We all know that as we clear someone’s nervous system they are more in tune with their ability to adapt to the world. They are also spiritually connected even if they don’t understand it. They are closer expressions of their creator. They live healthier lives. I’m as sure about this as that I am sitting here. The evidence is in the results.

Do you tell people about chiropractic like their life depends on it? It does. Get out of your comfort zone and serve. Nothing feels better than knowing you got through to just one person. No matter how many days, weeks, or years they get adjusted you know you ignited their spark. You shared the truth. Be thankful that you have a truth to share. You never know how far reaching something you might think, say or do will effect the lives of millions and millions of people. We are pioneers. Tap into your pioneering spirit.

Special thanks to John Madeira for inspiring this Monday Morning Message.
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