Shots in the dark?

From The National Vaccine Information Centers E-News

This refreshing commentary by two courageous and principled physicians, comes at a time when the National Vaccine Information Center is receiving more reports from parents that they are being threatened by physicians, public health and school officials that they will be charged with child neglect and their children taken from them and injected with multiple vaccines without their consent.

Legally filed religious exemptions that have been in place for many years in New York are being pulled without explanation and children kicked out of school as their terrorized parents are forced to choose between violating their faith and conscience or losing their children.

In Texas, pediatricians are screaming at mothers and throwing sick children out of their offices, denying them medical care, when they discover child with a high fever or throat infection has not been vaccinated with every one of the 33 doses of 10 different vaccines the CDC and AAP insist all children must get.

Doctors, who used to be among the most beloved of all professionals, are becoming among the most feared and distrusted by educated health care consumers, who are simply asking for the human right to make informed, voluntary decisions about using a product that can cause injury or death.

NVIC thanks these two physicians for reminding us what the ethical practice of medicine is all about.

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Editor Note: Notice the term “principled physicians?” Remember, principled people do principled things regardless of their profession. @ 9:29 am | Article ID: 980789386