Never by Accident

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Last Thursday, I arrived in New Jersey to attend and speak at New Beginnings, a four day chiropractic philosophy event.

Much of the topic of my talk was focused on my belief that things do not happen by accident. I explained to the students throughout the weekend that they were not at New Beginnings by accident, they are the leaders of our professions next generation. They were there for a reason. Listen to the voice, and those reasons will begin to present themselves. For when we take the time to observe our lives, universal patterns begin to emerge that help to give us a glimpse into the matrix of our existence.

On Sunday, my girlfriend and I, were on our way back to Newark airport after one incredibly intense weekend. When we arrived at the American Airlines ticket counter, we were informed that our flight was canceled. With the calm knowing of the last few days, this was just fine with us. The airline was quick in diverting us over to a United Airlines counter and we were scheduled for another flight.

I noticed I walked through the airport in a fluid state of synchronicity, a feeling I often get after attending events such as the one just past. We arrived at gate A17 for boarding to Los Angeles. Over at gate A18, passengers were awaiting the arrival of a flight from Atlanta, GA.

As I walked past the gate a voice called out my name and it was Brad Deaken, a student from Life University, who I had just shared the weekend with at New Beginnings. As Brad and I talked, the silent voice reminded me of a visual. Hours earlier I was standing outside the hotel preparing to leave and I saw Brad. I had wanted to give him a hug and tell him how inspiring he and all the students were and are. A quick distraction occurred and moments later I was placing luggage in the car, Brad had left.

At the same instance in time as that realization another voice called out, “hey guys.” It was Dr. Sharon Gorman arriving home from a four-day DE chiropractic philosophy seminar in Atlanta, GA. Sharon looked at me and simply stated, “I was just thinking about you while I was getting off the plane. Can I give you this flyer about my upcoming seminar?” I remembered thinking about Sharon during the weekend and had wanted to see her.

A close friend of mine, Dr. Dean Sottile had closed out the weekend program at DE and Sharon said he was awesome. I really had wanted to see Dean as well. Hugs were shared all around and each of us went on our separate ways. Or did we really?

While waiting to board my flight, I remembered sitting up late one night talking with Dean about these very same types of experiences. Dean said his whole life has been like that, it’s never been by accident. Thanks Dean, I got your message.

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